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  1. <--- Is 24 and still has it. Everyone told me it would stop at 24, I am still waiting. .o0 ( Lying ******* )
  2. Life sux and then you die and then it probably still sux. Why rush?
  3. Mine has had a simular effect but I've noticed that it was more the weather that changed my acne. In humid weather my skin becomes very soft and clear, I also have less acne in the winter.
  4. I dislike make up, it makes me feel self conscious when I wear it and people look at me it makes me feel as if they are looking at my make up. Also I have oily skin so about half ways through the day its pretty much sliding off my face. However, when I am not wearing it, I feel unpolished. It doesn't matter how good your hair looks, how spiffy your outfit is or how clean your shoes are if your skin its mucky your over all look is wrecked! Is frustrating! Can anyone suggest a good make up tha