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  1. Thanks for replying. I too stopped putting the bp for a few days in affected areas and the rash cleared. For the past week I have however been applying a very tiny amount of bpto my acne prone areas only at night. Literally a pea size for my whole face compared to the massive 2 pumps worth. It seems to be doing something as I haven't broken out with cysts for just under a 1 month now which is huge for me. I do notice however that my chin seems to continue to react the most to the bp with rash li
  2. Hey Bleached shirts how have you been getting along I too have had a similar reaction to dans bp after 2.5 months of usage. Would love to heard how things have been going and if you were able to continue with the treatment? I am still struggling with deciding whether to continue using it as it has helped tremendously with managing the cystic acne.
  3. Thanks for your reply nicmic62. I think it's more than that though. Here's an update:' the rash cleared after stopping the bp completely for 3 days. I then used it again for two days morning and evening in a very reduced dose (.5 pump). On the second morning I did my usual routine however in a matter of 5 minutes after applying a very very thin layer of bp. the areas around my chin and centre of lower cheek (where I previously had the rash) became red and itchy different to the usual redness a
  4. Hello All, I was hoping to get some help/advice... I have been using the acne.org regimen for 9 weeks and it has cleared up my cystic acne considerably. At this moment, I the only acne that i have is healing and no active spots. However a few days ago, I noticed a rash like bumpy texture on my cheeks and chin. Around a week ago I increased the dosage from 1-1.75 pumps of treatment. I have been putting the treatment all over my face but have been concentrating it on the centre of my cheeks,