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  1. ok, I went back and carefully re-read some stuff. From Lamarr: "I was pretty ill when the photos were took. thanks to accutane." Alright, so we established that your before picture was during(?) or after accutane. So here is my good-natured, helpful advice for the forum... My face looked similar to Lamarr's in his before photo, and now my skin is mostly smooth (except for my actual scars). and I didn't spend $750! food for thought.
  2. Really? The first two sentences of your post... "I want you ALL to begin using light therapy and dermaroller/needling. You can get yourself a whole "kit" for perhaps 750 dollars and you will get better results than anything else..." :clap: But seriously, despite the tone of my post, I am not trying to hijack this thread or whatever. I just don't want people to drop a lot of money on something that only has anecdotal evidence to back it up. I read this entire thread before posting
  3. Brad, for the love of God do not get Fraxel. You don't have scars and you could mess up your skin. Drew, you are right that we all notice our own faults more than others do. I have scars similar to yours that are only noticable under bad lighting. cest la vie
  4. All, Please do not spend $700 on LEDs. There is little or no evidence to support the theory that they help healing or scars, and quite a bit of evidence that suggests that they have no effect. Lamar, I know you are trying to help, but you are making some claims that are pretty far out there such as: 1) Buy $700 LEDs because they will help scaring 2) Fish oil contributes to scaring. How do you know that dermarolling alone isn't helping your acne and that you just flushed $700 down the toil
  5. Has anyone tried products to kill mites and ACTUALLY reduced rosacea symptoms? Thanks!
  6. I have this too...can anyone offer treatment options? needling?
  7. bump also, if your face is in a state of flushing right before getting the IPL treatment, would it be more effective? basically, I think IPL heats up the dark colored veins and blood in capillaries in your face. maybe, if you are flushing, more capillaries will get destroyed, giving a better result...
  8. 1) Are green tea pills "as effective" as drinking tea in terms of antioxidants? 2) Is decaffeinated green tea "as effective as regular green tea in terms of antioxidants? maybe boiling the water helps with absorption, or removing the caffeine removes antioxidants...
  9. couldn't you have fraxel and then 6 months later IPL?
  10. it's possible. is the water luke warm? also, how long have you been off of tane?