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  1. I have same problem, I am using Duac at night and Differin in the morning and oral antibiotics at alternate nights. I have no problem with Differin but with Duac I itch a lot and make my skin red and even bruised.Then i stop using Duac for few days and let my skin heal ,after my skin has healed I start again but same problem after one application of Duac .I have been on and off Duac for like 4 times and every time I use I itch a lot especially on jawline, I have no acne there. Now i am thinking
  2. I would go with the Fraxel if I were you, Smoothbeam really doesn't do much for your skin except for maybe taking out some redness. I don't think it can improve much on the texture and tone that the Fraxel can do. Fraxel is a much stronger machine where it will cause your face to swell, get red, bronze, flake... all the good stuff :clap: , where as you really don't go through anything with smoothbeam. As for the price is pretty close, it was 500.00 for Smoothbeam and 600.00 for Fraxel (bot
  3. I am planning to have subcision done with Dr Gladstone .I would really appreciate comments from those who have got subcision done with Dr gladstone or any other procedure done with him for acne scars.