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  1. Hi everyone, I'm at 20 year old male at University and I'm debating if I need to see a GP about my skin. I was treated for moderate cystic acne from mid 2015 to mid 2017 but my skin is still not clear and I feel like I'm at the age where I shouldn't have to worry about my skin/spots anymore. I was given antibiotics and BP but then swapped to adapalene because BP was too drying but before I started Uni they said my skin didn't need it anymore and took me off it. I wasn't happy with my skin a
  2. Hi everyone, I’m looking at getting advice on how to finally clear my acne that I’ve had from age 16 to now 19. Here’s my backstory. (Male from the UK). I had cystic moderate acne on my face for about a month aged 16 before I finally went to the doctors. I was prescribed lymecycline capsules (antibiotic) and benzoyl peroxide cream. It worked and did clear the cystic acne to some extent. About a year in I swapped benzoyl peroxide for adapalene because the BP was too drying on my skin. At 18 I
  3. Thanks for replying. I'm pretty sure it's hyperpigmentation because I've looked at the pictures on here of the box and ice pick scars and they don't look anything like mine. Those are normal skin coloured and raised/lowered where as mine are smooth and red not skin colour. Guess I've just got to wait for them to fade. Is there anything to hurry it up? I've tried lemon but I don't think it did much and it's quite drying for my skin. Does hyperpigmentation ever go or is it a permanent thing? Tha
  4. Hi, I've been using antibiotics and BP for a month now and although my face is smoother and doesn't have as many spots I'm left with a bit of marks/scaring. The worst area is on my jawline because they are large and dark dark red and don't seem to be fading. I also have marks on my chin/mouth area which are small and red and therefore look like little spots!! These make me really self conscious! I also have some very different marks on my upper cheek which are like jagged cuts in the skin wh
  5. I've got the antibiotics for 3 months and my gp said he can easily increase it. Could you recommend a good moisturiser? And what's AHA? And by zinc do you mean a zinc supplement? Is zinc good for acne?! Thanks Could you recommend any good moisturisers? Thanks
  6. For a long term fix it would be best to see your doctor but as a quick fix/home treatment I would strongly recommend a egg white mask. Separate the egg yolk from the whites and whisk in a bowl. Apply to your whole face and layer tissue paper on top then wait for it to dry, don't get impatient and take it off too soon. The first time it is a bit odd as you can barely move your lips but trust me it works! When it's dry peel the tissue paper off and you can normally see blackheads and white heads o