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  1. I'm putting it on only at night since day one, and it works like a charm! In fact the DKR has worked so well that I almost forget that a have a light form of acne. I just put on the BP and I don't have to care about what to eat and do anymore!
  2. I read the thread and I would be careful with the toothbrush thing, it could do more harm than good.
  3. That makes sense. I guess I'll give it a shot. What moisturizer are you using? Edit. Nivea Young Control It. Hum I personnaly didn't like the feel of it at all. I'm currently using "Vichy MAG-C, Gel-creme".
  4. I don't think your are gonna die from upping it to 5%. Try it, and see how your skin react to it.
  5. Hi, Im from the Netherlands too (also a student). I'm quite interested in the way you made 2,5% bp by using an 5% solution! So you used a neutral hydrogel, aren't you afraid it interferes with bp? At my pharmacie they told me they couldn't mix it with anything since that could seriously alter the working of it! I actually suspect them to by a bunch of lazy bastards...
  6. So since 2,5% isn't avalaible in my country I figured I should try to make my own. With what should I mix it?
  7. Hi, An user claimed a while ago that the combination of BP with Jojoba oil cause him to develop a skin disease, Rosea I think it was. What about that?
  8. So apart from experiencing some more dryness, there is not major issue with 5% BP?
  9. Since I can't get 2,5% in my country, good or bad idea?
  10. I have a question: why shouldn't i buy a moisturizer that is in cream form????
  11. You eat something bad, you aren't carefull enough with your skin (or whatever you think causes acne). How much time will pass before the outbreak occures? Imagine that friday you wake up with a pretty shitty face, did something that you eat/did the day before caused it? Or maybe two days before or maybe... I need answers
  12. Did some people used Benzoyl Peroxide after being on roaccutane? Feedback would be appreciate.