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  1. how did you get older than me all of sudden?

    1. HollyK

      Any body got tiny bumps?

      How big are the tiny red dots? Do they sometimes form bigger red dots? Does it look like a rash? What color are the tiny bumps on your chest? Do you have any pics? The reason I am asking so many questions is that I slowly developed over time a lot of bumps on my chest. They are very very small and mostly are flesh colored. However some of them turn red and look like acne. But this only lasts a day or so and then they turn the normal flesh color again. I haven't figured out a reason why this hap
    2. http://www.skinb5.com/default.asp I came across this site and just wondered if anyone has heard of this product..?
    3. HollyK

      Sheer cover concealer ?

      I use it and I love it. It blends so well and doesn't look cakey or fake.
    4. HollyK

      Sponge vs Finger application?

      I have a foundation brush from lancome but when I use it, I have a hard time blending my makeup, like it gets all streaky..any advice?
    5. HollyK

      Biggest Mistakes People Make to Treat Acne:

      Yes, but please don't use Dan's recommended full fingerlength. A small glob is all you need for the entire face; anything more is wasteful and likely to cause unnecessary irritation. If you haven't been using Paula's 2% BHA Gel and/or Dan's DKR Gel for very long, you might be better off using one product in the morning and the other in the evening rather than using the two products at the same time. As your skin gets used to the two products, you can try applying them together if you need to
    6. HollyK

      New Proactiv Product

      They could have been talking about the Advanced Blemish Treatment. I used it and it did nothing for the acne..just made my skin really dry.
    7. HollyK

      Biggest Mistakes People Make to Treat Acne:

      Is it okay to use Paula's Choice 2% bha gel and dan's bp at the same time?
    8. HollyK

      What's Your Fav Perfume?

      I love britney spears-curious, lancome miracle so magic, Victoria's secret Vanilla Lace and Blossoming Romance(smells like cotton candy i'm obsesseddd), and Japanese Cherry Blossom from bath&body works.
    9. she was too busy talking to me

      1. HollyK

        tea tree cleansing bar...

        I use this and it's actually the most gentle cleanser I've ever used. It gets my makeup off so well and after I wash it off, my face feels so soft. Have you used it yet?
      2. HollyK

        ***PLEASE READ***

        I just read my probiotics container and it says that they contain milk. I stay away from dairy because it breaks me out..do you think there would be enough milk in the probiotics to do anything?
      3. haha your cutier... thanks for leaving me online last night :(