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  1. I have skin problems like acne and blackheads i need accutane for and i have scars i need to address too. I know TCA and accutane shouldnt not be done together..what about needling? What if its low dose accutane?
  2. ah i see...thanks. so if i treat my rosacea, itll only help my face. i guess theres nothing i can do for the sensitive skin induced redness then, if its just the way my skin is.
  3. my arms sometimes get a reddish rash look to them. and my hands sometimes get red. i get red blotchy spots on my chest too. if i get pinched or slapped or bumped on my arm, back, chest, itll get really red and stay red for a long time - i hate that! is that rosacea too? would normal facial rosacea treatments help with body rosacea or do you need to approach them differently? all my siblings dont have face rosacea, im the only one, and im also the only one who has redness on my body too. so it
  4. wow i just looked at your profile, kanmi. either you're really good at photoshopping or your face isnt as bad as you think. id kill for my face to look like the one in your gallery called "my scars"
  5. thanks for the replies guys. im hopefull that low dose tane will be the answer i was looking for. now im just worried about getting it. what if my derm is an ass and doesnt give me what i want? what if he says low dose accutane wont do anything and starts trying to get me to do other things first. i should take a gun in case that happens. if he disagrees ill whip it out and ask him to write up the perscription again. lol.
  6. does anyone know of any quick solutions to cover up scars or make them less noticable? i have a big event coming up that im freaking out over cuz all my ice picks make me look hideous. i dont care if whatever i do will make me worse off in the long run, i just need my skin to look ok for one night.
  7. schism, what dose accutane were you on? my hands also get reddish, sort of like how the skin on my face gets. i hate it. i always figured it was hereditary though. but then again my sister doesnt have rosacea or red hands.
  8. hi. ive heard low dose accutane is used to treat rosacea. has anyone here ever tried it? i know higher doses like 40mg or so can aggravate it and make it worse. whats considered low dose? 15mg?
  9. oh my, i hear you. i just want to slap the girls that complain about one pimple or a bad hair day and act as if its the end of the world. i really wonder what they woud do if they suddenly woke up with a red, scarred, oily, pimply, horrible face. i dont think theyd be able to handle it.
  10. if you guys can read i did mention i know its not the parents fault. but sometimes you cant help but to resent, you know. its not like i want to, i just do. and there are other things shes done that she did have control over that affected me in a bad way, that plus the lack of sympathy doesnt exactly help improve my feelings about this.
  11. did u experience that prior to accutane?
  12. my skin problems are definately hereditary and i resent my parents, my mom in particular for passing them down to me. stupid huh. we've gotten in arguments in the past and had a big fight recently and i brought up my shit genes i got from her and she said find another mother and i said i wish i had been born to another mother cause then maybe i wouldnt be so ugly and disadvantaged in life. which is true even though i know its bad to say. i also said she shouldnt have had kids, not fair. i know
  13. out of those, id probably go with TCA...since its way cheaper than lasers...but i tried it and it made some scars worse...be carefull try a few first before doing all