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  1. Please, if you guys suffer from brain fog and cognitive/mental problems read this article. The brain fog (ie brain inflammation since it''s caused by inflammation from cytokines) is pretty serious and can lead to dementia later on if not addressed soon enough. That's because your neurons are dying and the longest the time you have been having this brain fog/inflammation the worse it is since you're frying your brain. Needless to say gluten is the main culprit in brain inflammation for us.
  2. I link here some posts about recoveries (read all the comments) once people embarked in a gluten free diet...the web is literally chock full of similar stories...it's not just me who recovered: Ecc....just check on google, there are literally hundreds of recoveries from going gluten free from a wide variety of mysterious illness. There is only one common denominator of the recoveries
  3. You need to read labels carefully because gluten can be in so many foods as an additive I don't know about beans because I don't eat them but I think they are safe, they don't contain gluten! I know it sucks the problem is gluten related because we have to eliminate many delicious foods but it's not my fault The problem we have is caused by inflammation....so all inflammatory foods are to be eliminated. Gluten of course is the main one and low gluten isn't enough, it has to be
  4. No I don't but it's a controversial food on a gluten free diet. You can eat oats but they have to be certified gluten free on the label
  5. That's fair, I can't convince you if you believe they are not gonna help you. Only thing I can say is that you could at least try for 3 months but it's up to you The thing is, the problem isn't hormonal (again talking about the cognitive problems or joints)....it's the inflammation, that's why those supplements help in conjunction with a gluten free diet That being said I can't blame any of you for not believing it. I know it sounds like bullshit it's all caused by gluten/food intolera
  6. If your problems are cognitive related or joint related gluten is the culprit. I'm 100% sure of it, that's why I talk in such definite statements. I'm trying to help you. Gluten cause brain inflammation by activating many different kind of cytokines. Not only that, there are very well respected doctors that claim in a lot of cases there is also neuro autoimmunity....the immune system attacks our brain. This low level inflammation causes the brain fog. Gluten of course is the underlying cause in
  7. Guys the whole side effects of Accutane are caused by gluten. Please all of you go on a super strict gluten free diet for at least 3 months and then report back. I'm sure your symptoms will be gone or greatly improved. I know it sounds like bullshit or whatever but please do it. It worked for me, it worked for other people and I know that gluten is the cause of all those problems like brain fog, fatigue, joint pain ecc but it's tough to convince people because I also thought it was bullshit unti
  8. Guys, just go on a gluten free (has to be really strict with no cheating, not even slightly), low inflammatory diet with lots of vegetables and fruits and low carbs for a month and your symptoms will be gone.
  9. My opinion is that we have to wait until Sunogel release their product to cure our scars and it may take around 5 years. Nowadays I don't even waste time and money anymore on fixing my scars. Nothing can be done. We gotta wait, Sunogel is still in preclinical trials....has to go through all 3 phases, will take lots of time
  10. What are the risks? I did it and I'm still alive If anything, it did nothing to improve my tethered scars on my forehead.....
  11. Subcision+Filler always come first Laser (fully ablative) can help smooth out the scars and they are wonderful for anti aging purposes (like sagging skin)
  12. I had my procedure done on Friday and flew out of Denmark on the same day The frosting after TCA Cross only last 30-60 minutes (at the most), then after a while they start to appear darker and a small scab is formed on the scar and it will last a week (more or less). Honestly they didn't bother me at all Subcision is different though. It depends whether it's performed with a cannula or a Nokor needle (he'll use Nokor only if the scar is very fibrotic and it's impossible to cut it with
  13. BA: I'm from Milan, this isn't a third world city....if anything the third/fourth richest city in Europe and one of the most expensive. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_metropolitan_areas_in_the_European_Union_by_GDP Simply put, not all dermatologists like to scam people. I had the ablative CO2 laser done (among many other lasers I tried in the past) and it did almost nothing for deep old acne scars, it only works for texture and anti aging and the forum is full of similar experi
  14. LOL 3000€ for a session of fully ablative co2 later. What a scam, gotta love money ($$$$$$) those greedy "doctors", can't believe they even manage to pull it off. You can achieve the same result by doing two 40% TCA peel at home for 50€ and I'm not kidding. There are actually medical papers on that Note: I'm not suggesting doing TCA peel at home, mine was just a consideration. TCA peels done by inexperienced hands can cause serious damage.
  15. Definitely go seeing Dr Emil. Went there last week, don't want to talk too soon because there might be micro swelling that tricks me but I'm seeing improvements