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  1. Their biggest claim isn't to clear hyperpigmentation (the redness), it's to raise the indentations. That's what they hyped the product for I'm not doubting that it can clear the redness because the product has niacinamide which has been been proven to be active against redness. But there are many products out there who also has niacinamide (even much higher concentrations) that cost a fraction of the price. For example The Ordinary Niacinamide cost just 5€ and is much stronger than Niacid a
  2. I've also been on Accutane many years ago, it's definitely a great treatment to get rid of acne. That's a good start As for scars treatment, it depends on the gravity of your case. I'm not overly pessimistic, I just tried the current scar treatments and they didn't work for me. I do believe in scarless healing (or something almost scarless) so I do have hope! It's just....they're not here yet Best luck to you too!
  3. I want to stress that my post wasn't against you. Actually I do think highly of you and I think you know much more about scar treatments than most dermatologists out there. My post was just to say that sometimes no treatment can be better than "treatment at all cost" because the treatments many dermatologists advice us to do cost thousands of euro and provide very little or no result. I do agree with you that lasers don't work for scars (they work for skin texture) but if you go to an aver
  4. Your experience is similar to mine so I can totally understand you, I feel the same. I spent even more than 20,000€ and I, myself, have toured all Europe to go to the best dermatologists in Europe but I didn't see results (except of course for the swelling....no matter the treatment, in the first week my skin looked MUCH improved because of the swelling and every time I got tricked by that only to feel disappointed when the swelling goes down). I also agree with you that having a scar-free
  5. Honestly, to me scarless healing doesn't sound something so far fetched. We already heal scarlessly in fetus, so that's proof that it's absolutely possible. Very small scars also heal without leaving a scar. The fact that in 2019 we still don't have a cure for scars is indicative of how little money and research goes into this problem. And how little do they care about curing scars.
  6. I've used the copper peptides sold on owndoc. They do help with reducing redness after microneedling (I can confirm that), but they do nothing else. Absolutely zero effect on scars. Barely any effect on skin texture. Don't get me wrong, microneedling also have zero effect whatsoever on acne scars (did over 40 microneedling sessions with the Derminator...). If you want to improve skin texture, use Retin A.....that works. But since I don't want to sell false hope, let me repeat.....Ret
  7. If I were you I'd save money and stop all treatments. They don't work and I can say this with confidence because I did all of them and with some of the best dermatologists in the world (suggested here). All they do is give you the impression they work during the first week or two (or more for subcision because swelling last more) but after the swelling goes down, the scars are the same as before. Maybe only the texture is a bit better, but that's it.....our bank account instead is down tho
  8. Anybody have any updates on Niacid? I've written a comment on their facebook page asking why they haven't released more before/after videos or pics that show how Niacid helps to raise indentations and that the ones posted by the users are unreliable because clearly taken with a different angle, lighting, zoom ecc and that also all the before/after pics taken by users (despite being unreliable) only show improvement in clearing out hyperpigmentation and improving skin texture and not raise
  9. I will not buy until I see honest before/after pics. And for honest I mean with the same lighting, same angle and possibly taken at the same time of the day (because of course in the morning just after waking up the skin look better). I'm tired of all the tricks they use to make it seems their products work when in reality they're just that (ie tricks to scam us).
  10. I hope it works but that pic was taken with a different angle. It's always the same story....if the angle or the lighting is different we can't really compare the pics. Btw niacinamide has been proven to work on hyperpigmentation (the red/brown marks left after acne) but I don't understand how it can raise an indentation (like an atrophic scar)
  11. probably a scam but we should try anybody willing to buy and try it? otherwise I could buy it myself and report back even though I think it's a scam....the video they posted seems to good to be true and the company doesn't appear anywhere on the internet
  12. I can't enjoy life because my scars are debilitating In 10 years I will be in my late 30's, that's why hydrogels aren't for me....maybe for my kids! We need something that give us results right now....microcoring is honestly the only option we have....
  13. Let's all hope microcoring does work but it's our only option to get a cure within a year. Hydrogels probably will get commercialized in 10+ years, so who cares? In 10 years majority of us will be old. They may write in their marketing pitches that they plan to get them approved and into the market in x years but it's only to attract investments. You always need to double that estimate to get an accurate figure on when the product will be available. Microcoring is the only opti
  14. I'm back here after 6 months and it appears there are no new treatments in the pipeline! Oh well......Do we really have to wait 10/20 years for a scars cure? It seems crazy that a "small" blemish like a scar can't be cured in 2019 when research has done astonishing things in many other fields....it's without a doubt a problem of lack of research in this particular sector. Too many people think it's just a small cosmetic problem which may be true for people with just a couple of scars, but for so
  15. Let's be honest, there will be no cure at least for 10 years. I decided to tattoo over my scars in my back and hide them that way. Every product in development is either still in clinical trials (and take years) or plainly doesn't work for acne scars. Good luck everybody