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  1. I don't have any questions to the validity of the product. I'm just worried about the guy selling it screwing me over since he seems so moody and this business doesn't seem to be a priority to him. And I'm worried regarding shipping as he's shipping via UPS. And as you can see on this page, UPS charges huge brokerage and handlign fees COD. http://www.ups.com/content/ca/en/shipping/..._clearance.html So for a $70 product, converted into Canadian dollars, UPS would charge a brokerage fee of $2
  2. He doesn't have time to sell little bottles? Gees, there's businessman that wants your business. If his product is so good, he could get a cushy contract from a distributor and sit on his ass all day and make millions. But no, he has no time for good customer service... esh. Doesn't make me trust the guy any. I'd rather buy the same product from someone else WITH a mark-up!
  3. Yes, but I don't know if there are going to be surprise DUTY, handling and GST fees, which is more my concern than shipping fees.
  4. I hope the Canadian posters reply re: tax and duty fees so we know how much it ends up costing. I just stumbled on this. If the reviews are good, I'm hoping to switch since I find I wrinkle on the BP aqua gels too! (and i'm only 26), I stopped using it almost 2 years ago, and the wrinkles diminished. Now I want to stick to it again, but get rid of the wrinkle problem. I'm commited!
  5. There lies the problem. If i moisturise too much, my skin gets so oily that it gets napkins wet with oil. My concern with AHA isn't dryness, it's that it's made for mostly dry skin, and is water soluble, so i don't know if it would help oily skin in the end.
  6. Hey Guys, I'm looking for a Canadian online pharmacy that I can order stuff through so I won't end up paying the insane handling fees just to pay a few cents in tax. I remember buying Eucerin Daily Renewal a couple of years ago from a Canadian online pharmacy, unfortunately, I don't recall the name of the pharmacy and searching for "canadian pharmacy" through google is somewhat pointless because I just get a bunch of prescription pharmacies for export to the US. Any help would be great! It's
  7. I'm 26 years old. A couple of years ago, I was diligently following the Regiement, but found that it made me wrinkle, eventually, I decided that wrinkles weren't worth the clear skin, so i stopped and eventually, I broke out again. I'm strarting to use BP again but I really need to figure out how to tackle this premature wrinkling issue. I'm using a 2.5% aqueous gel (PanOxyl 2.5%), and have extremely oily skin. To the point that I need to wash my face everyday in the middle of the day to get th
  8. I ordered the regiment BP gel when it first came out and got a huge suprise when there was a handling fee of $12 to collect about $3 in tax because of the way the package was shipped. Is this still a problem or was it sorted out to have the tax paid before shipment so we could save the $12? Anyone ordering the regiment BP gel?