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  1. What aloe vera do you use? I've been using Aubrey Organics Pure aloe vera but i think the vitamin e in it may be clogging me =\ It really helps with the redness though. Thanks!
  2. Interesting thread. I have chronic hives (dermatographism) and have heard that gluten can be a key trigger. I'm working on cutting out gluten from my diet (except for Bob's Red Mill Gluten Free Oatmeal in the AM - YUM). I hope this helps with my skin as well. I have had pretty bad hormonal acne on my cheeks/chin but it's been under control w/ Yaz for the past few years and Yasmin the past month. I am considering quitting the pill and working on diet/holistic/other options on clearing my ski
  3. Did the Vitex work for you? did you figure out something that did?
  4. I love Cetaphil as well, I also love Clean & Clear sensitive foaming cleanser. Great value for the size of the bottle I think.
  5. Clinique's Acne Solution Clearing "moisturizer" is a 2.5% benzoyl peroxide cream i'm using until my supplies come in. Also, i wouldn't reccomend epiduo in place of bp (my derm prescribed differin which is just adapalene gel). I alternate nights, but too much epiduo is chemically overexfoliating your skin. good luck!
  6. I've been a member for awhile, but was always using different prescribed medications from my doctor (like tazorac). Now that i'm on Yaz, which has cleared up most of my hormonal acne that's plagued my cheeks and chin; i think Dan's regimen will hopefully help what Yaz isn't taking care of. This is my second day on the regimen. I've been using Cetaphil's Daily Facial Cleanser and moisturizer and Clinique's Acne Solutions Moisturizer (2.5% bp that's been compared to dan's on makeupalley). I use
  7. Wierd. Purpose dries me out terribly, but Dove is fine. ha. i guess like all skincare products, mileage may vary!
  8. my derm rec'd dove soap. either the original or the sensitive skin one. I prefer the sensitive skin. I use it in the mornings (am on tazorac) or at night.. (I keep it in the shower) my cousin completely cleared her skin with it. sometimes simple is better. but as a cleanser for a regimen that uses harsher acne products (like Dan's, or tazorac, or what have you) i think it is gentle and compliments a routine! I give it 5 stars
  9. natalie_xox


    I've been on yaz for quite some time now. depending on the person, the side effects for any type of bcp are different. I gained a little weight (noticable but not like i went up a size in jeans or anything) I can be a little emotional sometimes, but nothing crazy. It took about three months for me to see a difference. I say go see your obgyn, voice your reason why you want to go on the pill, and she'll try and prescribe what's right for you. (be it yaz or something else) good luck!
  10. The biggest thing to help scars fade is sunscreen, a high PPD and stable sunscreen protects your skin from the sun, which darkens spots and only makes it worse. sunscreen and a decent exfoliant (bha, aha, etc) will be your best bet. It takes time, there's no quick fix. be patient and good luck! I reccomend something SPF 45 or higher.
  11. Hi! I've been on Yaz a little over 1.5 years now (eek that's long!) It's by far the only thing to help my hormonal/cystic acne! (took about 3 months of an adjustment period) I considered changing because of emotional wackiness too! I gained a little bit of weight which caused me to be a bit emotional over the whole ordeal, etc. but now i'm used to it ha. I approached my OBGYN about changing, and she said I would have to really truly hate Yaz because the adjustment process with switching pills
  12. It sounds like you may be overdoing it. Try using a gentle cleanser (morning and night) and treating with AHA or BHA (one at night one in the A.M) A lot of people on makeupalley like Paula's Choice BHA. Or, you can try the stridex pads for sensitive skin (BHA) those get raves as well. Or you can use a toner with BHA (Clinique's MILD toner) this one is effective and gentle (no alcohol, one of the no numbers toner) Good luck!
  13. I need something during the day that's stable and looks ok under makeup. Currently i'm using Olay Complete but I don't think the SPF is high enough. I have sensitive/combination/acne-prone (duh!) skin for reference
  14. dont work: anything clinique dove's skin care products are too harsh blah neutrogena acne line serious skin care's continuously clear line and of course; proactiv