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  1. I had tried topical antibiotics and astringents initially but once going on oral antibiotics didn't have topicals as well. My son has topical adapalene along with his oral antibiotics but I'm fairly confident that the oral antibiotics are all that is necessary to clear up the skin and keep it under control for as long as you remain on them.
  2. Hey Hopeful74, I used antibiotics as a teenager and unfortunately every time the antibiotics ran out my acne came back. When I went to college I eventually saw a derm and went on accutane. I had a tough time with blood noses while taking that but it cleared up my acne and I could finally put that chapter of life behind me. I now have a teenage son who is going through the acne struggle. He is the same with antibiotics...they work great while he is taking them but once he stops the acne comes
  3. Hello members, It seems some have taken exception to others posting in this forum recently. You may find that some people post a number of similar posts and you may think sometimes these are irrelevant to your interpretation of the thread you are commenting in but please remember that this is a PUBLIC forum and remind yourself of the community rules. Posters come and go and move on to other topics but if you make aggressive, mean spirited posts in poor taste to discourage them that just incit
  4. Hey sandeebe, just wondering where you heard that you can't crush the accutane pills and swallow with a little food? I'm not sure how much truth there is in that assertion. I know some people who struggle with swallowing pills..you need to be relaxed to do it and people who struggle with pills are anything but just at the thought of it. There's not much to say other than what you've already tried I'd suppose. Try him with something really small for practice like a tic tac?
  5. I think where you can see a pustule that's still a kind of pimple. Cysts are usually swellings below the skin surface that don't look like you could pop and squeeze them. Any kind of pimple/acne can be painful with the inflammation that's going on in your skin.
  6. What I can see do look like pimples. If you have access to some OTC acne topical treatments I would give those a try.
  7. Hi everyone, Just popping in to share a couple of comments on behalf of the senior moderating team. Some threads within the community generate controversy and people with polar opposite opinions add their thoughts. We do receive your reports when you feel that contributions are abusive, or inappropriate in some other way, and we check them out with the community rules in mind. Sometimes we issue warnings or use other moderating tools available to us and sometimes not. We're not here to stif
  8. I've had some issues with what has been labelled corneal abrasions which sounds a lot like what Jonnyboy13 describes. A regular fish oil supplement seems to be making a difference for me.
  9. Hey CoruscantDust, Did your derm talk about the concentration of the BP products she usually prescribes? Remember that BP products for sale can range from 2.5% like Dans regime up to 10% BP and the stronger concentration products can be expected to be harsher on skin. Different people do have different tolerances for BP products so here's how I would approach your dilemma. Try the derms suggestion, use just a BP wash for a while and see if you're happy with the control it gives over your acne
  10. Hello, it should be safe for your 13yr old cousin. Just be sure to follow the labelled instructions as anyone should. Best of luck.
  11. Hey Charlie456, I'm a parent too and I sometimes worry for some of the members of a range of ages. Ideally they would be seeking the support of family in the first instance. The mods are all basically volunteers who came to the site for their own reasons but stuck around to help out and I feel confident we all have the best interests of the members in mind. Having people prove how old they are might be challenging in this setting. Happy to hear your thoughts on how to do that and some of the
  12. Sorry, I should use abbreviations without explaining! BC = birth control
  13. I think antibiotics are more effective for inflammatory types of acne so the little bumps you describe initially probably wouldn't respond so well although 20-40 days didn't really give it a proper chance. Did your derms discuss BC pills with you as an option to try? Topicals are usually the first thing to try before moving to oral medications but nothing is a quick fix...all options take time to work.
  14. Colloidal oatmeal is just ground up oatmeal. People generally use oatmeal products for eczema but it could be soothing and moisturising for other conditions. Probably best to grind the oatmeal as swoleMom suggests so the useful compounds in the oats can be released more efficiently into your brew.
  15. Epiology skincare have products that can work well for sensitive skin types...it's something you could look at. Good luck.