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  1. Thank you all, very appreciated And all the information has been very helpful.
  2. So this is my second month on accutane, except when i get this third month ill be in my home town since im back from college for the summer. I havent been taking my birthcontrol because both my mother and sister had bad breakouts when they came off so i didnt want that to happen...i think my derm. at school was very leniant because i never had any trouble, hence how im on tane...but do derms usually look for BC in your blood tests? Cause im scared this one here will and then i wont get it this m
  3. So since ive been on tane ive been getting these weird pimpleish things. Their not inflamed or anything its just like the stuff in the pore is getting pushed out and hardens. I can pick them out and it leaves a little hole for a day or two, but i try not to. Anyone know what im talking about? Is this weird?...
  4. Has anyone had an effect on their menstrual cycle? Im a few days late and have really never been this far late before..im getting kind of scared...anyone know anything?
  5. So ive been on tane for a week so far, 20mg 3x's a day. I know your suppose to be extra gentle on your skin while on tane, but im getting these clusters of pimples along my jaw-line that are bugging the crap out of me. They make my skin sore but dont hurt enough to be cysts...is there anything thing i can do to make them go away faster? BP is probably too harsh, so like tea-tree oil or something? Anyone have any ideas/suggestions? Thanks
  6. So is EVERYONES window to pickup their script 7 days? Cause i passed the test on monday but something happend with my insurance and i cant pick it up till tomorrow (saturday)...i can still get it right? Cause i know at the end of the test it tells you the last day you can pick it up i cant remember and for some reason 2/21/07 is sticking in my head...but thats only like 3 days...i dont know maybe im being paranoid...This whole getting accutane is so dramatic.
  7. So i got my script today for accutane! Now all i have to do is pass that test thing, but anyways, i was just thinking...if i have been on retin-a micro for like 6-7 months should my IB be that bad? Yeah the RAM didnt work as well as i would have liked it, thats why im going on tane, but i thought that maybe because i was on it my IB wouldnt be that bad....anyone know?
  8. So im supposed to be getting accutane on monday...ive done everything besides take the test on Ipledge because im a procrastinator. But I went on last night and it says im registered and cant take the test...does that mean i dont have to or should i call my docor? Or do i take the test before i turn in my script? Im just kinda confused...I called the ipledge number too and im registered till april 17 if that means anything... Anyone know anything?
  9. Whats the test like? Is it something hard or just like, answering a few simple questions...ive misplaced my binder thing to look through so i was curious.
  10. I dont feel like using it anymore, after about 3 months or so i really havent noticed any results. SO, am i going to break out because im stopping it? Ive heard that when people get off it they break out. Just seeing what people know about this...
  11. How long was it before you got results? And i dont mean it started getting better, i mean when you werent embarassed about it anymore and you had good skin. Im about to start on my 3rd month and well, i dont really have many "active" pimples but my skin just isnt pretty...
  12. Whats wrong with using a retinoid (like RAM) with minocycline?
  13. Yeah, minocycline for a little under 2 months. I dont really think its helping though cause i still get a few pimples on my body...
  14. Has anyone had really good results with RAM? Even after a really bad IB? I mean, mine wasnt like horrible horrible but it was still pretty bad. Im at about 2 and 1/2 months on RAM right now and i dont have as many pimples as i had a few weeks ago...but my skin, well, it just looks bad. Any kind of feedback would help..
  15. Im suppose to use Bezaclin during the day, but it feels really thick so i alternate it every other night with RAM. It works very well though, i like it. If you dont mind the feeling you can wear it during the day, like im suppose to. It treats/kills acne because its mostly BP. How long have you been on RAM?