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  1. Fillers can & do promote collagen. It is possible to even decrease the amount of filler needed in each session because some people have enough success even without returning every 3 months. I've read of posters who claimed that some of their scars had been permanently improved just from getting fillers every few months, and then discontinued an still kept improvement.
  2. Ghet, what kind of scars do you have? And, have you considered on where you'd get your own dermaroller if you decide on purchasing it yourself? I know lots of people tend to link to ebay, but I'd want to be careful on choosing one.
  3. For me, makeup is for enhancement- cover a little here, maybe there, oh and emphasize the lashes! Because a few years ago, I wore so much makeup, that I didn't even look like ME. Heavy foundation, blush, mascara, slightly darker eyeshadow, heavy liner, overplucked eyebrows. Believe me, certain people are attracted to a type of look. If you're not a very shallow girl, and don't want to attract a shallow guy, wear a little makeup to feel nice, but not to change YOU. When I wore more makeup, I got
  4. I have a flesh colored mole on my chin, right below some atrophic scars. I believe this only accentuates them, because of this fleshy bump. But, a part of the mole might be keloidal. I'm not quite sure. I want a plastic surgeon to remove it, but I don't want to end up with something looking worse either. However, when I pull on the skin, this stretches out the scars. Could an excision of the mole, with stitching camouflage these scars? Have any of you had facial moles removed, is there a cha
  5. Hmm, I think the dawn of HD for us, means that, MAYBE, people will stop seeking perfection so much. I mean, if we can see "beautiful" people with skin flaws, maybe that will encourage us a little. However, I'm pretty certain that on some actresses, they now digitally enhance their skin, removing blemishes from the final cuts. Pretty ridiculous when you think about it. Just shows you how sick the media is... without it, we'd all be a lot less self conscious and be worrying about more significant
  6. Those pics she had were taken in different lighting...
  7. Just wanted to congratulate you on your success! It gives me hope...

  8. Thanks Dee, just wanted the clarification on that. I guess I really haven't been putting enough in, or trying hard enough with the "push"
  9. I can't be sure, but I thought retin-a had thinned my skin when I used it because when I later got a minor pimple, it scarred, so I stopped using it in fear that I'd scar more. But, I think I want to try it again to smooth out what I have now...