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  1. [font="Book Antiqua]I had my 2nd Fraxel 3 days ago and i am just wondering when i can start exfoiliating! My skin started to peel the very second day. And when am i suppose to see the bronzing stage of it. I am still very red and my face feels so tight. I moisturize probably every 2 hours.. Please someone help me out here! Thanks!
  2. I had my 2nd Fraxel today. They sure turned up the power. Last time they said i was at a 18 and did 6 passes. And this time i had 12 passes at a 25. I am MUCH more swallowan this time around and very red. I also bled in a few spots just at the top of my cheek bone and around my nose a little bit. I had the choice to take some valium and demerol this time around but i refused and just took the usual dose of the 2 tylenol threes and the hour numbing cream. It was much faster this time also. She sa
  3. I just had my 2nd fraxel done this morning. My face feels quite tight and it doesnt feel hot anymore. I put lots of aloe and the pro derma moisterizing cream that my doctor gave to me after the procedure. I told them to work on my cheeks the most because thats where most of my scarring has occured. The first time i had fraxel done i was never swallon at all, and i dont think i will be swallon this time either. I am SO lucky, I have heard how swallon people get. But i am pretty red all over. From
  4. Are you moisturizing? That is probably the MENDS - microscopic necrotic debry. takes a month to fully flake off. keep moisturized. ur skin needs to retain moisture for optimal healing another article on different levels needed for different skin problems. great photo chart: http://www.skinandaging.com/article/6155# I moisturize big time. I bought 150$ worth of these pro-derma creams after the procedure. The bumps are VERY tiny but you can for sure notice them when you are in different
  5. Did anyone receivce these little annoying pin prick feeling raised bumps all over their faces about a week after fraxel!! I still have them and its been almost 2 weeks now... and they are pretty itchy and annoying...
  6. I have been on accutane for the past year and i just had my first fraxel done 5 days ago. Does anyone think this will down my recovery time at all.... My doctors didnt even think about asking about accutane and i kinda forgot to mention it... i am on a very low dose.... Does anyone know!
  7. I had my 1st fraxel session 2 weeks ago and I never peeled. How did you NOT peel.... i peeled the VERY next day after the procedure.. my skin still feels creepy crawly ( itchy) because its sooo dry and my forhead is still peeling a little..and i had it done 5 days ago!
  8. Well i had my first full faced fraxel 3 days ago... My face is still pretty red and it peeled like crazy..i was surprised that i could just rub off the skin when it was wet while i was washing it.. im not too sure if i was suppose to do that... but i had no dead skin left on my face anymore.. its not swollan today either... I feel it was a HUGE help to my scars and especially my pores.. they are almost all gone... i have one more partial fraxel procedure left and i am sooo pumped to see the re
  9. Well they used the zimmer cooling machine on me... i am not too sure it was on the highest of settings though.. i didnt really ask... I should have took the IV... i dont think it knocks you out its just a much higher dose than the tylenol 3s i had and that little pill that goes under your tounge... i felt relaxed when she wasnt working on my face... ha.... but it was the worst pain i have ever had when she was working on it... also what is this i hear there are 2 types of fraxels.... tell me mor
  10. Yah for some reason they kept the blue dye on for about a hour before the procedure..and the numbing cream was CAKED on.... fallin all over my neck and my clothes are pretty much ruined.. its greasy stuff.. my hair was fulllll of it...ickk.... but yah i had the fraxel laser on 18...and that was UNbearable.. i couldnt even possibly think of someone getting it at a 40....ouchhhh.... i think they went over my face 8 times... just veritcally and then horizontally... its weird because i hardly have A
  11. I had my very first fraxel today. SO they first clean your face with a cotton ball drenched in alcohol..i guess the skin needs to be completly free of oils so that the blue dye and the numbing cream will stay in place. Otherwise it will run all down your neck..and trust me it numbs everything... i came home from my procedure about 6 hours ago and the inside of my nose and my neck are still numb... ANYWAYS.... I left the office out the back door because i was too embarressed once i seen my face i
  12. SO on all of the webpages they say what fine results everyone is getting..and i have noticed on most websites there are the same pictures from website to website....i have read a message board from patients who have had fraxel done and i heard NO good comments...wow i was soo dissapointed...SO just wondering if anyone has acheived those "results" they say it does......
  13. HOw can i take a look at your pictures floridaguy???
  14. Has anyone had Fraxel lasering done? I have a consultation next week to have 4 procedures done. Just wondering if it's all worth it? Should i throw out 2700$ for a maybe my face will get better?!?!? Should i consider anything else before i go to the extreme...i have have MANY microdermabrasions for my scars and so forth...please let me know!!!!