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  1. WOW! im so happy for you, and your post came to me at a very important time, your pictures are amazing, thanks for sharing, i was also thinking of using glycolic acid and i was planing on getting some in the next couple of days i dont know what to get, would you recomend (alpha hydrox 10% lotion ph 4) or (paulas choice 8% ph 3.5), for me glycolic acid is glycolic acid and any extra price to pay for it is just paying for the fancy box, and i was thinking of getting the (alpha hydrox 10%) for my b
  2. baldmark

    minocycline 4 back acne

    my back treatment
  3. the first step is to go to a dermatologist. the next tell him to come and visit us in the forum so he can read out stories, and tell him hes not alone, also he can look at my profile and gallery so he can see i also have acne on my back, and just whent to the dermatologist 1 1/2 weeks ago and she placed me on (minocycline) so tell your man to get his butt in here and make his profile and place his pics and go to the dermatologist so he can be placed on something and get better.
  4. i dont think so or maybe so, i dont eat any sugar and have stoped eating sugar for the past 3 years and i still get acne all over my back, but maybe it's working for you, but for me i can tell you that it does not work, as i said i stoped eating sugar 3 years ago
  5. last tuesday i was placed on minocycline but i forgot to ask the derm if i can use my other products for my back like the body wash from "nature's cure" and benzoil peroxide for my face. can i use "minocycline" and my acne products at the same time or should i let the "minocycline" do it's work on its own. i just dont want to use the products and messup the work of the "minocycline", thank you.
  6. i just started minocycline for my back acne and will see how it goes. before this i used all the products and the last one was (Panoxyl 10%) the bar soap kind, and let me tell you this thing will dry your skin so much than when you bend over to tie your shoes it's going to feel like 1000 needles picking at you back, the bar soap dried my back so much i thought it was going to crack in lines, eventually i had to stop from using the bar soap half way because the pain in my back skin was to much (
  7. im on minocycline, just started this tuesday will place images week 2 week in my gallery to see the diference, i have tried all the other name products in the market like proactiv and none have worked
  8. defenetly understand what you are saying, i also have back acne since i was 18 now im 32 and just did not go away, so i decided to finaly go and se a dermatologist and he placed me on (minocycline) for 3 months she was going to give me something more stronger than that but she decided to start me off with minocycline to see how my body reacts to it, so i will go back in 3 months and see whats up and see how my back is doing. i posted my pics if you wish to see them, so you are not alone, but by