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  1. I haven't tried a TCA peel, would that be any good? I think that subcision would be best because I think my scars are mainly rolling scars. How many treatments of subcision do you feel I will need?
  2. I finished accutane around 1 year ago and I was left with really bad red marks but they have mostly cleared up. But now I have noticed more of an uneven appearance on my cheeks. I have always known I have had rolling scars since I finished accutane but as the red marks have cleared up more, the more my rolling scars are showing and it's really getting me down. I hate looking at myself in the mirror because all I see is uneven texture especially in bad lighting. The only positive thing about this
  3. I have made a few posts about red marks around 4-5 months ago but I feel like my situation hasn't got any better in that time. I have done LOADS of research into red marks and mild rolling scars (which I have!) so I know that red marks can last anywhere up to 2 years usually. But my red marks have been on my face for 6 months with NO improvement. The first month my marks actually got better but other then that for the past 5 months there has been no change. I understand red marks can take a long
  4. Does anyone else have any advice on what I have said about these scars?
  5. I'm thinking of waiting 2 more months and buy ing a dermaroller from Amazon and dermaroll on my own. My scars are quite shallow and the pictures shown are in the worst lighting. I can keep you guys updated if you want by posting a monthly update on my skin changes?
  6. I have red marks all over both my cheeks. Since finishing accutane/roaccutane exactly 3 months ago today my red marks have faded quite a bit but are still there. Since they are fading, I have noticed that these scars have come out. I am wondering what scars are these? I believe that they are rolling scars. Also, will these scars heal over time on there own?? as I have seen a lot of similar scars which have healed on there own over 1/2 years. The pictures are only from my right cheek but my left
  7. I have made quite a lot of posts of this site but this one should be my last. I have lots of red marks on my cheeks which felt smooth but as my marks are fading (about 30-35% in the past 8-10 weeks), I have noticed small indents which AREN'T sharp. So I believe these to be rolling scars, they are very very shallow and can only be seen from certain angles in certain lighting. My cheeks used to feel 100% smooth but now I can feel very small bumps but overall my cheeks do still feel quite smooth. I
  8. Thanks for the responses. That light isn't that bad but when I am in bright light the texture looks soooo uneven and looks so much like 'waves'. I am certain that they are rolling scars.
  9. I have attached three pictures of my forehead. My forehead has some red marks/PIH near my eyebrows but other than that my forehead is clear of marks. The pictures show uneven texture which looks worst in bright lights. My forehead feels a little uneven also. I was just wondering, are these rolling scars?? Will they heal?? What treatment do you recommend? My forehead was clear and smooth prior to accutane I took a few months back.
  10. Yeah my forehead is quite clear of marks. But I'm worried about my uneven texture. I 100% think that it is rolling scars, I just wanted another person opinion.
  11. Can anyone advise me on my forehead pictures please? Are they rolling scars? Will they heal?
  12. Here are the pictures of my forehead. I do have red marks/PIH near my eyebrows but other then that my forehead is clear of marks. My forehead looks and feels a bit uneven and I believe this to be rolling scars. Can anyone advise ume please?
  13. Yeah true, sorry for worrying and asking a lot of questions, acne and acne marks have been on my skin for so long I just want it gone completely.
  14. In pictures it doesn't show?? But I do think its rolling scars I was just wondering whether it will go down sometime
  15. Do you think this uneven texture which looks like rolling scars on my forehead will fade? Sorry I have a lot of questions I just want good skin again.
  16. Robertitoo, are you saying 'yes' because they will go away?? Also, I have uneven texture on my forehead from where acne used to be, are these rolling scars or will go away with time??
  17. So, a little bit off topic but I have realised that I may have some scarring. In most lights you can't see anything but when you look in bright lights at certain angles I see extremely SMALL depressions. They are so small!! And can only be seen in extremely bright lights at certain angles! So I'm wondering is this what comes with red marks and they eventually go with the red marks or are these scars?? I have ran my hand over my face and feel NOTHING at at all so I'm really stressing can these so
  18. I'm from London but currently living in Bristol for uni but I can easily travel back to London. Also I heard that laser can lead to scarring. I just really have red marks on my cheeks with one indent and rolling scars on my forehead.
  19. It sounds like you have post acne red marks which is just smooth red marks left over from spots. These marks usually take around 6 months to heal but if they are darken from sunlight it may take longer. I have these red marks all over my cheeks and they have faded around 25% in two months. But you're young so your healing ability might be faster. My derm told me that the redness should slowly die down on accutane but once I was off it that the redness should die down a lot faster. Use an good ex
  20. Yeah I have been using Clearsil Ultra blemishes+marks exfoliator and vitamin C serum. I haven't got a moisturiser yet, does E45 cream count?? And my dermalogist said that the NHS don't do acne/acne scarring treatments such as laser.
  21. Yeah hopefully thanks for the replies but its still annoying. Your skin looks very good by the way
  22. The first photo is from 2 months during the day! The second photo is from just now (2am) so it wasn't from during the day and has poor lighting (I'm sorry). The same for the 3rd and 4th picture. In this lighting my skin doesn't look that bad but during the day and in bright lights at night my skin is horrible!