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  1. I haven't tried a TCA peel, would that be any good? I think that subcision would be best because I think my scars are mainly rolling scars. How many treatments of subcision do you feel I will need?
  2. I finished accutane around 1 year ago and I was left with really bad red marks but they have mostly cleared up. But now I have noticed more of an uneven appearance on my cheeks. I have always known I have had rolling scars since I finished accutane but as the red marks have cleared up more, the more my rolling scars are showing and it's really getting me down. I hate looking at myself in the mirror because all I see is uneven texture especially in bad lighting. The only positive thing about this
  3. I have made a few posts about red marks around 4-5 months ago but I feel like my situation hasn't got any better in that time. I have done LOADS of research into red marks and mild rolling scars (which I have!) so I know that red marks can last anywhere up to 2 years usually. But my red marks have been on my face for 6 months with NO improvement. The first month my marks actually got better but other then that for the past 5 months there has been no change. I understand red marks can take a long
  4. Does anyone else have any advice on what I have said about these scars?
  5. I'm thinking of waiting 2 more months and buy ing a dermaroller from Amazon and dermaroll on my own. My scars are quite shallow and the pictures shown are in the worst lighting. I can keep you guys updated if you want by posting a monthly update on my skin changes?
  6. I have red marks all over both my cheeks. Since finishing accutane/roaccutane exactly 3 months ago today my red marks have faded quite a bit but are still there. Since they are fading, I have noticed that these scars have come out. I am wondering what scars are these? I believe that they are rolling scars. Also, will these scars heal over time on there own?? as I have seen a lot of similar scars which have healed on there own over 1/2 years. The pictures are only from my right cheek but my left
  7. I have made quite a lot of posts of this site but this one should be my last. I have lots of red marks on my cheeks which felt smooth but as my marks are fading (about 30-35% in the past 8-10 weeks), I have noticed small indents which AREN'T sharp. So I believe these to be rolling scars, they are very very shallow and can only be seen from certain angles in certain lighting. My cheeks used to feel 100% smooth but now I can feel very small bumps but overall my cheeks do still feel quite smooth. I
  8. Thanks for the responses. That light isn't that bad but when I am in bright light the texture looks soooo uneven and looks so much like 'waves'. I am certain that they are rolling scars.
  9. I have attached three pictures of my forehead. My forehead has some red marks/PIH near my eyebrows but other than that my forehead is clear of marks. The pictures show uneven texture which looks worst in bright lights. My forehead feels a little uneven also. I was just wondering, are these rolling scars?? Will they heal?? What treatment do you recommend? My forehead was clear and smooth prior to accutane I took a few months back.
  10. Yeah my forehead is quite clear of marks. But I'm worried about my uneven texture. I 100% think that it is rolling scars, I just wanted another person opinion.
  11. Can anyone advise me on my forehead pictures please? Are they rolling scars? Will they heal?
  12. Here are the pictures of my forehead. I do have red marks/PIH near my eyebrows but other then that my forehead is clear of marks. My forehead looks and feels a bit uneven and I believe this to be rolling scars. Can anyone advise ume please?