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  1. Tane worked damn well for me, but I did get 3 minor side effects. It gave me dry skin, my face gets red very easily and I got photo sensitivity. My 3 questions are: 1) How long do you think it'll take for my skin's moisture to get back to normal, so that I won't have to rely on my moisturizer each day? 2) How long do you think it'll take for my skin to stop getting red so easily? 3) When will it be safe to go out into the sun again? I read that it takes about 1 month for accutane to get out
  2. It annoys me that everyone thinks accutane is so dangerous when it's completely safe! I've been taking the full 1 mg per kg dose each day and the only side effects I've got has been dry skin around my chin and mouth, and dry lips... THAT'S ALL! Sure some people do get more side effects than I do, but the chances of that are so low that it's just a non-event. The doctor who prescribed the accutane to me put his daughter on it because he knows it's safe. He said that if you read the side effect
  3. Right now I'm using Vaseline (petroleum jelly) since it keeps the dryness away really well, but it gives my face a very noticeable shiny later which is very annoying. Before the Vaseline I used Nivea, but it didn't moisturize long enough, so halfway through the day I'd find my skin was starting to peel in places... very embarrassing! So I've come here for some help. What do you guys use for moisturizer? I'm looking for something that doesn't make my face shiny and that moisturizes for the whol
  4. My acne is mild but VERY annoying and pretty much runs my life. So I've decided to take accutane to cure it ! I always read about the side effect of accutane, but how dangerous is accutane really? Surely it can't be that bad since they allow people to take it? What are the chances that the side effects listed, will appear when taken?
  5. i put some on my face yesterday but i doesnt get absorbed into the skin, it just stays on the surface. it seems like its pretty difficult to get it off. does anyone have any techniques for removing zinc cream from my face?
  6. I started taking vitamin C and E, as well as Zinc and another thing that's got a mixture of Borage and Salmon oil. So far I've noticed nothing and I've been using them for more than a week, but I'm gonna stick with it. Do any of u know how long it'll take from these things to take effect?
  7. i just bought zinc, vitamin C and vitamin E (still gotta find some vitamin A) today and was wondering how i should take them. would it be a bad idea to take them all in one go? i heard that some vitamins taken together dont work as well
  8. ive read in a few books that flaxseed, borage and fish oils work REALLY well for acne. i get breakouts here and there but im too damn lazy to go buy supplements
  9. i did something similar to this. i washed everywhere except my face. at first i started to breakout, then it was smooth sailing (except for the build up of skin layers on my face!) and no acne, until a little while later when i got eczema! i still have eczema and its a bitch! i think what caused it was having oily skin (from the dip regime) plus the skin layer buildup. hey try it if u want but just watch out
  10. when i take the salt mix to do the actual flush will u suddenly need to go to the toilet really badly a little while later or will u just feel that u need to go kinda like when u have a "runny stomach"? im scared that ill shit my pants hahaha!
  11. whenever i drink alcohol i get white heads and red marks the next day. the liver is supposed to deal with toxins in our bodies, so would this mean that theres something wrong with my liver, since all my toxins arent getting dealt with?
  12. I went to a derm when I had it, and they told me you have to wash day and night and use a moisturizer as well to get rid of the dry skin underneath. Unfortunately this obviously doesn't work with the do nothing regimen. I recommend you use Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser as a wash and then either Cetaphil or Eucerin as moisturizers, they're pretty heavy duty and will get rid of the dry skin pretty quick. You need to get a pretty emollient moisturizer though. If you go to a derm they can give you s
  13. i just checked out some images and i think that, yes, i do have seborrheic dermatitis. oh so its a fungus? is there any way to kill it naturally? im using honey topically at the moment and it seems to be doing an ok job, but like i said, if i put 1 step out of line then it comes back again. i really wanna stop it from coming back!
  14. well i was doing the "do nothing" regime that worked really well and then after about 1.5 months i noticed some redness on my face that was itchy. well that was about 2 months ago now and now its REALLY bad! if i put 1 foot out of line i get the itchy redness again! if i dnt shave then i also get eczema! im really getting desperate. if its not 1 thing then theres always another problem. so any of u guys know what i can do to stop this eczema? thnx
  15. have any of u ever tried homeopathy as a cure for acne? my parents have been using homeopathic remedies on me since i was a kid when i had colds and other sicknesses/illnesses and it ALWAYS worked. ive been reading up a little on homeopathic remedies and im gonna give it a try