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  1. I'm not in Boston - but if you are having problems, find a good dermatologist and do what she says. Cortisone shots will reduce/eliminate specific bumps but don't address the underlying problems.
  2. You are a great looking guy. I'm sorry you are having such a bad time with this - sucks, eh? Dig in for the long haul - this will take time, professional help, and determination/patience on your part to fix. Get thee to a dermatologist. Ask around - who else is going, and what do they think of the medical care they are getting? Find a physician you like and feel will work with you; it's an ongoing process - never a one time fix. Find an esthetician you trust who will work with you as well
  3. yes, it is deep under your skin and filled with fluids of some type, so it causes pressure.
  4. what type of moisturizer are you using, and how often? What type of wash & how often? Does anything come out of your pores if you gently squeeze them? What type of skin do you have? Have you consulted with a dermatologist and/or a good aesthetician? I'm no expert but I know that flakey skin does not mean dry skin. Lots of different products can dry out your skin and make it flake, including some so-called moisturizers. What they said - gently massage your skin with a towel once you a
  5. Yes, you need a referral to a dermatologist. I'll put it this way: I now only get 1 or 2 cysts a month, and my derm just today prescribed me an antibiotic he said was far better than minocycline. Said he's putting his foot down and it's time to knock this crap out of me. Sorry, don't remember the name of the med... You would also benefit from finding a good (and I mean good, ask around) aesthetician who is willing to work with you. Dermatologists focus more on things like skin cancer, or o
  6. I just spoke with him regarding more aggressive treatment for a cyst I've had for 2 years. He added this info, which I thought was important enough to warrant it's own post: Excizing a cyst can often "wake up" (in his words) surrounding dormant cysts. He said he saw it many times in his residency - he'd excize a cyst, and then the patient would quickly be covered in them. He'd have to put them on a strong round of antibiotics. So along with deep scarring, that's one more reason (in my book)
  7. slight update: I emailed my derm asking about a more aggressive treatment. He just called me and agreed to give it a go. He also said 2 very interesting things: - a biopsy punch can often remove the cyst, but will leave a very slight scar (added benefit is to allow him to make a proper diagnosis). They numb you up big time for this. - excizing the cyst can often sort of "wake up" (in his words) all the little dormant cysts surrounding it. He said he saw this many times as a resident - h
  8. well, dry & dead skin can clog pores (along with dirt and sebum) and become infected. Is your skin *really* dry, or just dehydrated? Here's how you know: if you squeeze your pores, are they empty or is there sebum in there? If there's sebum, your skin is dehydrated. This means it's not able to retain any moisture. I had this problem, and cured it with a glycolic acid face wash - with a week, my pores purged (sort of like my skin blew it's nose), and then a sort of dead layer of skin pe
  9. Hi all - been surfing these boards off & on for a while, and it seems that not many people have experienced what I am experiencing? This is gross but I guess we are all together in grossness. I'm 39, female. tendency towards cystic acne, which I've pretty much cured with a Glycolic acid wash (Image Skincare line, Ageless face wash, if you are interested). BUT before I started the wash, I got a cyst or nodule that's been on my chin for over 2 years. It started off as a pimple that I pop