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  1. how are you all doing ? i'm back again after like 2.5 years i have'nt been here... i don't recognize the users, hopefully the old ones got rid of this problem way back like me... i would like to tell about the issue i had with acne way back so you all will maybe learn something which will help you in your struggle. i startd getting acne when i was 15. i got it real bad. i had them all over my face, and when i reminisce those days i feel sorry for myself and others who had and have to go through
  2. it says it's hyperalergic...does it has some thing to do with acne? will it break me out?
  3. i think you can try putting some alie-vera on that dry spot.
  4. it may break you out..so just use moisturizer with no oil.
  5. try to avoide putting all this sh*t on your face, the regimen is enough, i suggest you try the ACV!and about 10 minutes later try putting some 100% aloe-vera.
  6. I put on aloe-vera about 10-15 minutes after i apply the ACV...I think it helps!
  7. all i know that it works only on active acne, actually, when i got off it i've noticed that my red marks fade a little quicker, but i won't blame the mino because thank god it made me clear, including after i got off it (i've been on it for only 2 monthes, and it has kicked in from the first week). i don't know if i should give the whole cradit to the mino, because when i've started taking it, i wanted so much for the acne to go away, so i've changed my whole lifestyle (using the mino with the r
  8. you can try something for free. go to the beach kinda early (before all the girls get there ) ) swim, tan and shorty just have a great time, the sun and the salty water will make your bacne much better for the next couple of days, and the next day you will be able to go to the beach without worries (this is a short term way, for the long term, use the regimen).
  9. you want something only for your nose? try 100% aloe vera.
  10. you can try it, it may work! the b5 will treat the problem from within (oil production) and the bp from without (bacteria).
  11. it's not like antibiotics, you can use it for years and still see resultes.
  12. try drinking milk right after taking antibiotics.
  13. i take zinc but you can also add multi-vitamin, b-complex, etc...