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  1. I'll ask for fillers along the subcisions then. Thank you Quadboy! I really appreciate the help.
  2. Thank you beautifulambition! I really appreciate the help. I just have one more question, do you think I should also incorporate suction along with the subcisions?
  3. Hey Guys, I've been lurking in this forum for over four years now but haven't actually found the guts to post yet. So firstly, thank you to all the members for the valuable info here. Thankfully, I don't suffer from acne anymore (thanks to a year long dose of Accutane). I've finished my round of Accutane over six months ago so I'm now trying to find the preferred route of treatment for my depressed acne scars. I'm really hoping there's a solution f
  4. Thank you so much! One of the crusts falled yesterday and it didn't leave a scar so I think I'll be okay, I don't mind minimal scars and I plan on dermarolling or needling when my face is free of acne, but it will be a very light needling with a small needle. I've recently started playing the piano and swimming and I think those are the two things that are helping me the most, before I was just thinking about my face all the time and it was torture. I was actually scared of exfoliating and mak
  5. Hello, I'll start this by saying that I've started my holistic regimen ever since August, so it's been 5 months now, my skin has definitely gone worst but the acne scars (8 boxcar scars, sort of 5 rolling scars that we're all together and a lot of icepick scars) are all gone, now I have a lot of hyperpigmentation from the almost 8 new pimples daily, cystic, blackheads and pustules (or whiteheads, I cant really difference them). The problem with the acne I have is that every time it leaves a c