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  1. Late reply, but it took a week or less. The face heals on its own, even without the aloe vera. It's just a moisturizer that's my preference.
  2. I've tried apple cider vinegar and it made my face similar to yours, except worse. For a guy, I can't cover it up with makeup, so I simply stopped using apple cider vinegar on my face, and just used aloe vera to heal it. It would end up kind of burning the acne off, which seemed nice since I've never seen that before. Just like what you're showing, but would cause the worse acne on my face and in places that it's never been before. I've never used a quick fix, but stopping the ACV that's a
  3. I know that since my skin is oily any oil product applied to my face makes my skin super oily (even in the smallest amounts) which, as a result, will cause excess acne due to acne surviving off the oil (fatty acids within, among other things). I have tried Grapeseed Oil, which made things worse. You just have to keep trying different moisturizers to see what works for you. What I use, Aloe Vera, may not work for everyone, but you can try it.
  4. Clears Skin. Gets rid of Acne.

    I've had acne for about 8 years, but until last year, it was under control. I used Proactiv mostly, which I do not recommend (I wrote another review on their products). I stopped using benzoyl peroxide last year to see if I 'grew out' of acne, but I was sorely mistaken. The worst acne I've ever had sprung up, so I went and tried acne.org treatment, which includes a cleanser, benzoyl peroxide, and a moisturizer. The cleanser and moisturizer ended up making things worse. I incorrectly went to try
  5. I don't follow it perfectly either, but I think you should use more benzoyl peroxide. I don't use 2 pumps, like it recommends, because that is extremely excessive. I have used 1 pump, twice a day, for two months and it has only gotten better. I think it's up to each person about what amount they should use for their acne. That's through experimenting. Good luck.
  6. Yeah, I've been using it as a moisturizer for a long time. Natural is always better. It seems to go well with acne.org benzoyl peroxide. Their moisturizer didn't help me at all. I use Lily of the Desert.
  7. I was browsing awhile back on this site and found something called Clear Skin Vitamin Pack. There's reviews for it here. It's just vitamins that you take to rid of acne. You can get an idea of how much of each vitamin to take from that. Google it to find all the ingredients because I can't post a link.
  8. Worsened Acne

    I tried this for a month, first diluting it (half water, half apple cider vinegar) and working up to undiluted. I used Bragg's. It only made my face worse, so I decided to stop using it on my face. It caused acne in places I've never seen acne before. I went back to benzoyl peroxide, and now it's repairing the damage. I read hundreds of great reviews, thinking this would most definitely work, but it turned out it only made things worse. I really would like to see before and after pictures of the
  9. Exercising daily helps me reduce stress. I used to be strung out and uncomfortable, but now I'm very calm since I relieve tension through daily exercise. Also, think positively about the thing that's stressing you helps.
  10. That's actually hilarious. Funniest thing I've read all day. I've never been made fun of for acne, but I've made fun of it myself. If someone did, I'd insult them in return. It's terrible that people have to worry about these things. No one should have to worry about ridicule or insults on any day. That's not a good way to live.
  11. It might, but it has only been helping me. I started using it twice a day and it has reduced my acne and redness (inflammation). It got a little worse when I stopped doing it twice daily, but now it's starting to go away again from doing it often. I mix half water, with half apple cider vinegar, and use it morning and night. I'm going to stick with it for a month or two to see if all my acne will finally go away. I use aloe vera as a moisturizer, if that matters. Apple cider vinegar has over 4
  12. I have have tried drinking it before; my problem is that I was not very consistent. Is there a certain time you are supposed to drink it? I'm not sure, but I drink it after lunch and after dinner. Although, I just googled when to drink it and it says to drink before a meal to prevent insulin and glucose spikes. Since more insulin is produced as a result from consuming a high glycemic index diet or a Western diet, which causes production of sebum and the fatty acids within the sebum is what P
  13. I use apple cider vinegar too, except I mostly drink it. Have you tried drinking it? I put it on my face at night (1:1 solution), but I started drinking it more and that has seemed to work even better. Ever since I started drinking 2 cap fulls (1 cap full is 1 teaspoon), twice daily, inflammation has decreased, acne reduced or disappeared, and skin is softer. I searched around and others had cured their acne by drinking it, so I'm trying it for a few months. You can try that, if you haven't. I
  14. You might be a bit sensitive to the benzoyl peroxide. I used to use A LOT of it and twice a day, then went to once a day, and then finally use much less (1 pump) benzoyl peroxide... but only in the evening. The moisturizer didn't help much for me, so I use Aloe Vera. That also had a great effect at reducing inflammation (red face). I also noticed that when the sun hits my face during the day (everyday sunny here) and if I have benzoyl peroxide on, it makes my face very red, so that's the rea