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  1. Accutane is not a cure. It's a treatment. And while it is a very effective treatment, it is definitely not the cure. Nor the only effective treatment. There are many people who've been on 'tane and got their acne back, I'm a prime example. This regimen, I do know, works. I know it is a very effective treatment, and in my opinion probably the closest thing to a cure there is. 'Tane couldn't even keep me clear long-term, this regimen did. Essentially, the thought behind it isn't new. Bu
  2. Wow..! Haven't been here in a couple of years Anyway, if you've read the whole thread, you will know that I was one of the first people to try this regimen. I disappeared because, TA-DA, it actually works! And not just for awhile... it works for the long-term as well. In my case, for the past several years. I got to the point where I only had to do the face wash part of the regimen every other night, then only about 3x a week...to finally maybe once a week, if that. The fiber is very i
  3. I agree accutane is best but I also think you need a regular regimen after tane to continue to stay clear. After my courses on tane ive went to washing "normally", any soap thats in the house. The same as any person who doesnt have acne problems. I think thats why acne has returned for me so using this regimen hopefully will get me clear, keep me clear and i wont have to think about tane again This is a perfect regimen for after tane. Tane got me clear, this is keeping me clear.
  4. Just wanted to give an update. My skin is still great, clear, and showing no signs of getting acne back. I have had one or maybe two very small whiteheads that come and go in a matter of a day, but nothing else. I'm keeping my fingers crossed, this is very exciting! For those who are on Accutane right now and curious about a post treatment regimen, I can't recommend this one enough!
  5. Why does it always have to be about winning?! Geez guys, get some perspective. You're on the internet, on a message board. It is irrelevant when that new rule originated, what matters is that there was obviously a dire need for it as shown by this thread's nasty progression that night and it definitely applies. Mods are, in my best understanding, here to help and not to intimidate or pick favorites...so hopefully that won't be an issue. Moving along, bfg: my dryness isn't getting any better
  6. Well, bfg is right in saying if you try it, you will get good results and before and after pics aren't that necessary. Besides, I don't have any post-Accutane pics where you could see my acne coming back (I didn't take any) and now that I'm currently on this regimen, I'm completely clear again. I don't mind posting a picture of myself with the skin I have now, for what it's worth. Glad we got the thread back. I don't know if the decision came from Dan himself or one of his mods, but I di
  7. I notice all these people who have never posted in this thread before are Acne.org clique members, what with their lil quote sigs....but that has absolutely no bearing on the fact that bfg's regimen works and has worked. My acne started to come back after Accutane and because I found this regimen I won't have to waste my time on another course if it continues. Even though my skin gets a bit dry, it's clear and I have bfg to thank for that. So as much as you all want to get negative, bfg has
  8. Well I'll be damned! Groupthink has begun..... If I were you bfg, I wouldn't even pay attention to it.
  9. Aw I don't think I can make it this Sunday, if it were 9 my time then I could....but I'm pacific. Just wanted to stop in and say, yes this regimen does work. I was highly doubtful, but I got my acne under control once again and am clear. And yes the fiber is integral to it. I didn't take my fiber for one day and had one whitehead appear the next day. I'm only taking 4 fiber pills a day because as I've said before, my digestive system is highly sensitive, but that seems to be working for m
  10. 1. No, probably moderate fringing on severe. 2. 80mg/day 3. 6 months 4. 3 months totally clear, after 3 months I started getting little whiteheads again ~ I should make one thing clear, if I hadn't started the regimen I'm on now, I probably would have gotten my acne back. As someone else on the board so aptly put it, Accutane is not a cure, it's like a jump start on being able to control your acne. Yes for some people it clears everything away for awhile, maybe years, but for most pe
  11. Yes, especially after I wash off the bp, my skin looks very splotchy. It doesn't burn or itch though... So I've been doing this reg for a couple days now, haven't been putting on my moisturizer that I love, and using mineral makeup. So far so good. My skin feels really tight and dry after I do the regimen in the morning and put on my makeup, but I'll wait it out for a week or two like bfg said and see... I still can't get over the fiber thing though, are you sure it isn't harmful at all t
  12. So far this regimen is doing what it should for me. Nothing new, just stuff that's been under my skin is coming to the surface. We shall see.
  13. I would also recommend you see it through on Accutane, see where it gets you, and then keep the acne at bay with some sort of regimen like bfg's. I, too, made the mistake of not doing anything regimen-wise after Accutane, and I'm only 4 months off of it and again having to worry about breakouts. You are really a cutie too, it's no fair that acne has to cause you such pain.