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  1. does it reduce oil? and does it make your marks look less noticeble after being under the sun for a while?
  2. Ok, I have asian/oily skin, mild acne and redmarks. I was wondering if sunscreen will help. However there are so many to choose from and SPF 15, 35, 40, etc...I don't even know where one to choose. I was reading through the product ratings and found Neutrogena UltraSheer Dry-Touch Sunblock, SPF 30 to be fairly popular. Please give me some advices.
  3. http://www.nytimes.com/2007/03/13/health/1...amp;exprod=digg
  4. genetics. ACV will help a bit....I got oily ass skin too and its a major pain in the ass because it makes my red marks that much worse
  5. does the FOTE brand work well on asian skin? and does it slow down oil production or cause breakouts?
  6. You have Trader Joe's or Wholefood's down there?
  7. another asian acne suffer...reading your describtion of oily skin and umm..asian skin you sound very much like me. However I am now acne free (still got red marks) with the use of dipping regime and Juilet's all natural clean and smooth scrub. You should try it for 3 month and it should clear you up.
  8. I know i posted a while back stating this broke me out after 3 weeks.... . HOWEVER!! I stayed with it for another 3 weeks and now i'm gettin absolutly NO breakouts!!! . Here's my regime: Morning: (1)Dip 6 times 17 secs each in hot water(hottest I can bare, I do the 4 second finger check first) (2) wash with Juliet's Clean and Smooth Noon: Wash with warm/hot water while at work. 6 O'clock at night: Dip again and wash with Juliet's. Before bed: Dip again and wash with J
  9. holy shit this regime worked for the first 2 weeks but now...my face looks like shit...got pimples on my nose!~!~! havent had those in years got small ass shit all over my face as well...and I didn't see any fading of my previous red/brown marks
  10. "going well" means redmarks are fading, and not getting new pimples? Decrease in Oil production, I found that using an anti-perspirant greatly decrease oil production: http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php...116982&st=0 almost no breakouts, but can't say much about marks...then again i was getin NO breakouts while on CSR. I just don't wanna wake up early each morning to put all that shit on my face...it takes like 45 min because of the 15 min waits between applying stuff. oh