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  1. I use Eucerin moisturizer - with spf 15. Definitely use a moisturizer with sunscreen as retin a micro makes your skin sensitive to sunlight and it burns more easilty. Good luck!
  2. You're not alone. I'm 23 and still have bacne (mostly comedonal acne and a cyst once in awhile). I've been using 10% benzoyl peroxide and applying it once a day - trying to maintain "dan's regimen". It's really hard...if you watch the videos, you have to massage the gel in for a really long time...really hard to do for your back. I feel as though it's helping, but it also makes me itchy. I've been using 100mg doxycycline too, but that doesn't seem to help. My skin is pretty dry too, but
  3. Best of luck dude! I hope your face clears soon and keep up with your journal~
  4. Congrats!!! I think it's always best to use the least amount of chemicals. For me, I have my good days/weeks and bad days in terms of breakouts....it's probably the same with many other people. Hormonal level changes have some play in it. That was definitely alot of medication/chemicals you were using. Glad that you're giving your face a break from all of it
  5. Hey~ I just started using Retin A Micro - it's been 4 days. You definitely need to use moisturizer with SPF (apply it at least once throughout the day - in the morning). Don't use Eucerin SPF 30...I think it contributed to the pain I was feeling (my face felt so terribly!). I'm using Eucerin SPF 15 now that seems, so far, to be doing a good job. GOOD LUCK!!!!