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  1. Do you use it twice a day or just once ? Also, is Nivea Oil Free moisturiser a good product to use along with it ? Thanks for your help
  2. AS a moisturiser ..any good ? 2 work along with duac ?
  3. Is it all rite to use the duac on the csr ?
  4. what moisturiser did u use with it ? also..if u were using duac..why were u using CSR along with it ?
  5. Is it best to put it on before you go to bed and then again when u get up ? or just once daily ?
  6. what would you recommend ? also...do you put the moisturiser on straight after the duac ?
  7. Will a mixture of....duac 5% and a moisturiser of Johnstons baby lotion be a good mix ??