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  1. Hi: I found out that I have roseaca but still breakout with acne. What products should I invested In? Thank you for your time. ~ S
  2. What products would you recommend for one with acne/eczema skin? Sapphina
  3. I'm thinking of getting one of these on a cyst of mine. I get those occasional cysts that are large & raised that stays for months. Will a cortisone injection from a derm risk scarred-tissue? ~ Sapphina
  4. Hello: Can "colostrum powder" help reduced cysts & reddness (inflamation) when applied as an overnight ("mask") treatment? I was thinking of trying something on a few spots of mine. Thank you for your time. Sincerely, Sapphina
  5. Hi Tracy: What are you using now for your skin? Are you still using Mindy's tca peels? ~Sapphina
  6. I might try this out on a mark I'd received from a burn on my arm. Rosehip seed oil is good for scars (red marks) & see what happens??? ~ Sapphina
  7. Please keep us informed on your process. Wishng you success in your career. ~ Sapphina
  8. This does seemed interesting & might tried it around eye area (fine lines). Maybe "spot treatment" on a selected spot (scar/discoloration) for a trial experiment & then measured your results & see it any breakouts?? I do have a burn mark I might tried it on though. ~ Sapphina
  9. Hi: Maybe this might help? http://colortracton.com
  10. James: Thanks so much for the prompt reply. There's so much mumbo jumbo out there (ex:products) that I wanted an unbiased opinion. I leaned more over to pragmatism instead of mysticism (but thats just me). Thank you once again. Sincerely, Sapphina
  11. Hi James: What products do you like & find productive (impressive?) over a long period of time? Sceptism is healthy!! ~ Sapphina
  12. Richard: Does the DMAE with the copper peptides less "irratiable" than the regular DMAE without? Sapphina
  13. Is this a "cosmetic"? What is this product? Could you be more specific? Thanks, Sapphina
  14. Hi: I couldn't assessed into the dermabeautyha link that you provided?? Could you rechecked the url please. Thank you, ~ Sapphina