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  1. That's really good news congratulations! Just to let you know I'm English and live here and it isn't humid at all...
  2. Hey, I'm really sorry you are having such a tough time and I'm sorry that I don't have any answers but just know that you aren't alone and at some point every one of us would of felt as low about our skin. I personally am currently on accutane as I had literally exhausted all my options but that wasn't before I had a really lengthy in depth conversation with my dermatologist and went through all my anxieties etc. I would say (but I don't know) that smoking won't be helping your skin and quitti
  3. If you are really worried about an initial breakout you could talk to your derm about going on a complimentary antibiotic short term. I am on eurythromycin (can't spell that word) for 6 weeks due to my acne scarring so badly at the moment and my derm worrying the initial breakout (which seems inevitable) making it a lot worse.
  4. What's your diet consists of? Believe me its much worse in person huhu i really want to get rid of it so badly... everyone's teasing me about it. What makeup brand do you use? Some brands really give me bad breakouts so im dying to know!!! Hahahaha and whats your skincare routine? I follow a very strict diet as I have a chronic illness which is far stricter than a usual acne diet. I don't eat or drink: caffeine, meat, dairy, sugar, wheat, gluten, alcohol, any other drink other than water. I d
  5. I think you're being WAY to hard on yourself! I know it's difficult to see the positives but honestly, if I had skin like yours I would be over the moon! Try not to get too stressed out as this can make acne worse and maybe look into dietary changes as a starting point to help your skin. Best of luck
  6. Hello I'm two days into accutane and will be doing a low dose for a long time 8-12 months. The reason is that I have three chronic illnesses already and my derm and I are very aware of how the side effects could affect me. My derm was really good at listening and taking on board my concerns, it might be worth finding a Dr to talk this through with to make an informed decision? Best of luck with whatever you choose! Xx
  7. KitP

    Accutane Journey

    Showing my skin through the 'tane!
  8. Hello! I am writing this blog for myself mainly, but if anyone reads this and finds it helpful in any way that's a bonus, A brief description about me: I am 25, female and live in the UK. Even though we have the wonderful health system in this country, my GP actually suggested that I go and see a private dermatologist as a matter of urgency because my skin was getting into such a bad way and I have now started scarring quite badly all over my face (no area is safe!) and my back and chest. Ge
  9. KitP

    Day 30

    Hey I have just started the tane yesterday and reading your blog is comforting and really helpful (I now know how to deal with lip blisters should that happen - thanks!) Like you I am also terrified at the thought of nosebleeds in class, I have actually never had a nosebleed.. maybe that's why I am freaking out like a ridiculous person haha. I look forward to hearing about the rest of your journey, Kitty
  10. Acne BFFS sounds good To be honest I didn't feel that the scarring was that bad, but I also think I was a bit in denial about how bad my acne really was. In reality I am OK about scars, its the spots that I don't like I have the Mirena coil and I also use condoms. I know that the Mirena can make acne worse but I haven't actually noticed too much difference and have had it over a year now, Do you wear make up? I still haven't found the trick of how to cover pimples properly without it l
  11. Hello I don't know exactly as although I live in the UK my GP actually advised me to see a dermotologist privately as my skin has gotten so bad and is scarring so severely he said it really couldn't wait and I needed to go on accutane ASAP (fortunately I am in a financial situation where I can just about manage it). But although I see my private derm at a hospital, my GP is the one who conducts the blood tests and although the derm writes out the private prescriptions, I can take it to whatev
  12. Hey I literally started accutane today so I'm really glad you have posted your journey it's comforting to read other peoples experiences. My derm has put me on antibiotics to try and ease the initial break out as he said that my acne scarring would be classed as a disfigurement as it is (! Not what you want to hear!) I hope your IB settles soon I wish you all the best with your journey and will be following your log Kitty x
  13. Hello I'm also 25 and female. I was on Lymecycline for about a year but as I was still getting hormonal acne (I have hormonal issues) I stopped taking them thinking they weren't working. BIGGEST MISTAKE EVER! My skin literally exploded a few weeks after I stopped taking it much much worse than I have ever had before. I am now back on Lymecycline and am on week 5 differin. My skin has only just started to begin to sort itself out. I really wish I never stopped the anti biotics. Best of luck wi
  14. Hi I tried to use Duac but had a reaction to it (red skin that was really itchy). I stopped using it and I think it took a few days for the itching to subside and then a week for the redness to completely go. All the best
  15. Thank you both so much for your replies it's good to know that it's not just me going through this. I've used BP before and my skin reacted really badly to it unfortunately otherwise I would really be up for adding it in hopefully if I'm a little more patient I will start to see results in a few weeks x