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  1. Don't worry, don't stress. I've taken it for 6 months and am finally 100% clear. My advice- Eat healthy, LOTS of water, AQUAPHOR for dry lips, exercise, don't miss any pills so it stays consistent, and absolutely NO STRESSING. By the end of it you WILL have clear skin I promise you! Message me of any questions.
  2. Cetaphil takes my face make-up off better than any cleanser I've tried. I personally love it.
  3. Our acne is similar. I just finished my 4th month and have about 2 actives. I expected to be clear, but I definitely notice it working...SLOWLY but surely. My derm said about 2 more months left.
  4. Lovely, right? I'm in month 4 of Accutane and this is what I get rewarded with. Awesome! Good Morning to me! Side Note: My face looks like chicken pox due to scarring, but thank you MAC make-up for covering up that mess! Grrr, anyone else hate waking up to new cystic, painful acne?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. I feeeeeel you. I notice how on some "good" days- which are rare btw.. But my entire self esteem and attitude are just so different and, happy. Then the next morning I wake up with a huge cyst right smack dab in the middle of my cheek (which I can see in my peripheral vision) and the circle of acne emotional life starts back over again, I'm about to be done with Month 4 of Accutane and last month I was extremely dis-couraged and my dermatologist LAUGHED at me and promised me that by my next appo
  6. Idk what to say other than stay strong. Have you tried make up to boost your confidence a little? I use the Mac concealer, Covergirl foundation and Mac setting powder and it does such a good job at hiding everything. Mine looks similar to yours. Hang in there sunshine!
  7. Hey! Totally normal and that feeling should go away when you stop taking accutane! I wouldn't worry too much about it.
  8. Hey! My IB was REALLYYY bad and lasted until Month 4. I'm on my 2nd week of Month 4 and am still breaking out, but not as much. I have one on my chin and one on my forehead. I used to have 5-10 at a time. =/ Hang in there.... try not to think about it as much and stress. Stress isn't good.
  9. Thank you!! When did your acne come back after finishing the 1st time? Did it come back as bad as it used to be? I really hope it gets better, soon. I started it when I believe I was 17 or 18 I think 18. It eliminated it completely until the middle of my 23 when I experienced some traumatic experiences: girlfriend broke up with me, no job, had to move out, burnt my face with a lactic acid chemical peel just trying to make a freckle go away when my face was completely clear of acne (o
  10. I was on 20 the 1st month, 60 the 2nd, 60 the 3rd, and not starting month 4 still on 60, my derm mentioned lowering it to 40 but my first thought was my acne flaring up again so I asked her if I could stay on 60..... Now I feel like it's too high and maybe that's why im still breaking out?!! Grrr. Over thinking kills me.
  11. Yes very normal apparently. I still wake up with painful cysts I am using Cetaphil face wash and have yet to find a great moisturizer... GOOD LUCK!! Does your face look like mine(acne-wise obviously lol) better/worse? I am sooo discouraged about all of this.
  12. Thank you!! When did your acne come back after finishing the 1st time? Did it come back as bad as it used to be? I really hope it gets better, soon.
  13. Does anyone take them together? I feel like taking adderall with it isn't helping... But I have ADD so I'm stuck?