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  1. Best thing I've ever done!

    Accutane was my miracle acne cure. I had suffered from horrible breakouts and oily skin since the 7th grade. My terrible skin became quite depressing and really made my high school days tougher than they should have been. Finally around 20 years old and after using every other product known to man, my dermatologist put me on Accutane. The process is kind of a pain, but after seeing results, I didn't mind at all. A lot of people say you break out first but I didn't. About 2-3 months in, my skin w
  2. Only thing since Accutane to help!

    I've suffered from terrible acne since the 7th grade, and the only thing to improve my skin has been Accutane. While I was on it, my skin was clear, radiant and balanced rather than broken out and oily as before. This lasted for several years and my skin is STILL in way better condition than before, however, I've noticed break outs recently and the return of oil production. I stumbled across Betadine on a plastic surgereon's Instagram actually and so I decided to give it a try. It's cheap, easy