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  1. I had tge same problem. It is almost impossible to wear makeup on this regemine unless you switch moisturizer. Since you just started the regimen, I wouldn't suggest you do this until most of the acne has cleared up. Once it does, just spot treat the acne so your entire face won't be flaky and use a hypoallergenic moisturizer that's a bit heavier until the flakiness goes away. Then use Dan's moisturizer again along with spot treatments when your skin gets normal again. I didn't do this until my
  2. The same thing happened to me. I actually just made a post about how I got it to work for me. I basically just dried my skin out to get the acne to dry out and peel off. I did this by upping my bp dosage and using a little of the moisturizer instead of the two pumps.I also waited for my skin to dry out at least 10mins after cleansing before adding bp. My face looked and felt like a dry mess for a few good weeks but most of the acne did dry up and peel off. I'd suggest ditching the moisturizer
  3. So I had been on the regimen for about three months for my cystic hormonal acne and I had seen some improvement but I was still breaking out like crazy. Its like it wasn't working for me anymore. But I payed close attention to my skin all the while and decided to try a few things. Firstly, I noticed the acne seemed to heal better and faster when my face was super dry. I suppose drying out the pimples is the key to healing (mine would dry up and peel off) So I upped my dosage of bp alot and I on