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  1. really? because right here, you told someone with cystic acne that they'd be clear in 2 weeks: You will notice a difference in a week your pimples should be gone in 2 weeks, give it one month and don't despair it takes time to heal years of abuse from toxic foods to your body.. I gurantee you will see results! it's great you want to help people out, but i think giving false hopes to people with moderate to severe acne isn't the best way to do it. my personal post with my acne e
  2. hmm i've noticed you've mentioned it takes 2 weeks to see results a few times throughout this thread, and i think that's somewhat misleading. i went strict paleo for nearly 5-6 months before i was completely clear, and i didn't even see much of a difference with my acne or skin until the second month. even in 'the dietary cure for acne' by loren cordain (a leading paleo researcher & author) it's stated, "In Phase 1, which lasts 30 days, you'll be attacking the causes of acne with nutritiona
  3. lol no need to apologize. personally, i'd refrain from most grains and starchy foods for 2 months to see if your skin improves even if they don't contain gluten. you need to give your gut time to repair, and in some cases, even non-gluten grains can exacerbate acne... most sugars, grains, legumes, and starchy foods need to be avoided for about the first 2 months. if you are having carb cravings, eat some fresh or frozen berries and nuts (no peanuts = legume; not a legitimate nut), and drink some
  4. Everything you'll need to know about soaking nuts can be found here: http://www.marksdailyapple.com/soaking-seeds-and-nuts/
  5. google "non-dairy calcium sources". you'll find a ton of info.
  6. if you're hair isn't thinning from the b5 (pantothenic acid supplement), and it's helping to clear your skin, i see no reason why you shouldn't keep taking it until you're happy with your results. i can honestly say that diet has a far more powerful effect on your skin and overall health in the long-term though. Following a strict paleo diet with an emphasis on lots of green veggies, uncured lean meats/chicken/fish, low or zero fruit for 2 months (for those whose acne is exacerbated by fructos
  7. *moderator edit - quoted post removed* everything mentioned in the ebook can be found on these forums in a more detailed and concise form than what leo wrote. if you go to my signature, my original regimen was highly influenced by the information i was able to extract from his book with some minor changes. the changes were due to the fact that his writing was difficult to read through since the information was scattered between his own personal commentary and other ramblings regarding acne and
  8. It does help repair soft tissues like the lining of your gut, and for lifting, it promotes muscle recovery and energy, but if you search these forums, you'll also find that it can also exacerbate acne symptoms. I purchased a bottle of 120 pills for $12 that I had to stop taking after a week because I started noticing my skin was breaking out despite being relatively clear prior to use. How it effects your skin differs from person to person though, so you'll have to buy it and try it to see if yo
  9. No, it's the opposite. Sugar makes you fat. When you eat fat, your body uses fat as fuel - AS IT'S SUPPOSED TO - and obesity is impossible. yeah, high fat diets don't equate to increased fat gain. it's just the opposite where your fat cells actually shrink in size and you lose fat weight while becoming trim and lean. carbs/sugar get converted to glycogen, and the excess gets stored in your fat cells once your body has used all of the glycogen it needs for immediate energy. basically i
  10. well freckles are caused by increased and concentrated amounts of melanin in the skin, and this process is called melanogenesis. Vitamin D metabolites, retinoids, melanocyte-stimulating hormones, forskolin, cholera toxin, isobutylmethylxanthine, diacylglycerol analogues, and UV irradiation all trigger melanogenesis and, in turn, pigmentation (freckles). It just so happens that vitamin A is a retinoid, so it's possible that you might be getting more vitamin A than you need because you also have
  11. yea, protein and fat are completely fine, it's the carbohydrates/sugars/starches you want to look out for until your acne is under control.
  12. to add to what chunky posted: http://paleoapproach.org/post/7417364287/t...ts-of-raw-foods
  13. I love kefir, however, the store-bought kefir and starter packs are crap in comparison to using your own healthy kefir grains. These can be bought online or found through online communities where people distribute their excess grains for free. Another alternative to milk kefir for anyone who still can't tolerate fermented dairy or would prefer not to consume it, you could always try water kefirs.... my personal favorite is coconut water kefir. it tastes like a coconut water champagne almost. ht
  14. I saw your post on my blog (thanks for visiting by the way!), but since it was an anonymous user question, i'd have to publish it on my website for you to see it, so I came here to post the information instead: Candida yeast feeds on sugars to survive, and the clinical studies regarding candida albicans (the offensive yeast involved in exacerbating acne symptoms and production) shows eating a diet low in starchy foods, sugary foods, and acidic foods makes the internal environment of your body
  15. Personally, I used Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey Protein Isolate for awhile after trying to bulk up once my acne was gone, and I noticed my skin was slightly more oily after a week or two of using it, and I had the occasional breakout on my face. that could have been due to being lactose intolerant because I also sometimes feel gassy after consuming whey. Taking whey might be fine for you since everyone's body reacts differently to various foods, and the amount of lactose in whey is
  16. hey cher, i'm posting this through my phone at the moment, but i'll be back on my comp later today to read through your questions after work. as for the brown rice, i found that all grains affected my skin, even brown rice. going completely grain free was more difficult than i had imagined for the first month or so, but after that time, it became much easier as i didn't really crave carbs from sources other than fruits and veggies. one misconception about eating Paleo is that it's low carb or v
  17. Gluten Intolerance - A Misdiagnosed Epidemic once i cut out all gluten, i noticed a huge improvement. however, once i cut out all grains, i was cured of my digestive issues (constipation, bloating, cramping, and overall discomfort). my doctors and specialists kept telling me to eat more whole grains as well, then finally they decided to diagnose me with IBS which is basically just their way of telling me they don't know what's actually wrong with me. anyhow, give that article a read. it
  18. :D glad to hear you're feeling better eating this way. it can take a few months for your acne to clear up especially if you happen to eat trigger foods for your acne-prone skin. in my case, if i had 1 cheat meal, drank a little alcohol, or ate too much fruit, i'd wake up the following day with new pimples or with oily skin. i had to get rather strict with the diet for about 2-3 months before i saw a complete turnaround with my acne.
  19. this is not the same stuff that was mentioned. Neem is a powerful ingredient for improving skin conditions, and yet it isn't included in the beauty plus product you linked. also, if you check other posts made by "losingthebattle" you'll see that even after they made this post in 2008, in 2009 they continued to use several other products and medications to try and improve their acne because the results from these 2 creams probably didn't last for long. anyhow, if you want similar creams to
  20. the initial breakout could be a reaction to several things: diet, microbial die-off, stress the change of diet could be difficult for your body at first, because you'll be basically detoxing from the dietary changes amongst other things. If you're reducing the carbs you eat, you'll probably start losing a little weight, so you're fat cells might be releasing stored toxins and waste for you to flush out through your pores, urine, poop, etc. if you have an overpopulation of yeast in your gut,
  21. i've noticed an increased inflammatory effect after eating most fruits. i typically find myself more prone to having a random pimple appear whenever i eat any citrus fruits or high GI fruits. i can go for weeks without a pimple, but then i'll eat a banana or some melon, and i'll break out later that day or after waking up the following day. now i just stick to berries because i don't seem to have issues with them whereas everything else is too risky lol. i have my own odd little method of tes