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  1. waiste of time here and spent a ton on it
  2. dryness in a few weeks. red marks? hell sometimes 2-3 years on body acne.... its true...face about a year.... muscle aches about a few weeks.. good luck
  3. about 1 month (3rd time using accutane ) on 40 mg a day and dealing with the intial breakout.....fuckin sucks
  4. tiger88


    didnt do jack shit for me. I had a few nothing.
  5. same way here.. My skin gets worse in the winter... I live in arizona and I NOTICE IT big time. Ive lived out east as well so the winter and my skin dont mix
  6. had 6 treatments...not happy to the least bit...smoothbeam sucked noth worth it!
  7. use your search function..several threads here ab out it