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  1. Rick_Deckard

    My mild acne.

    Just some shots of my face.
  2. I think it's the washing the face bit. If your face isn't greasy, pimples don't come out, simple. Wish I had a mobile sink or something, lol, I'd be washing my face in the car, at work, everywhere. If I don't wash my face regularly (half a dozen times or so a day), I tend to be more prone to breaking out. The tropical climate I live in doesn't help at all either. Bet if I lived in Sydney or Melbourne or even Hobart, I'd be less prone to the odd pimple.
  3. Woah that's scary. I'm used to waking up with one or two, but that must of been hell.
  4. I know what you mean about diet changes, I've noticed change over time. But I've had it, ever since puberty, even if it is quite mild. Time to go see a dermotologist soon I think.