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  1. i've been on mino for about a year now (i have mild acne) and over the course of that year, i've been on a couple different anti-depressants. my liver enzymes have gone up a few times because of the anti-depressants, which is why we kept switching them, but i wonder if mino has played a role in any of this...i haven't been on any anti-depressant for about 4 months now because my liver enzymes were a little high, but they're going down very slowly and almost kinda planing off a little. anyway,
  2. currently i use C&C oil blotting sheets for oil skin (usually once a day in the afternoon.) i was wondering, is there any harm in just taking a damp washcloth and blotting/wiping down my face? for example, can i clog pores by doing this, or anything? i used to be concerned about blotting with the C&C sheets - i thought there was potential to clog pores on one side of my face with the oil on the sheet from another area of my face, but my derm has assured me that that wouldnt happen. t
  3. pfft, sometimes i use beer instead of water to swallow my mino pills
  4. clean and clear oil blotting sheets
  5. usually, people DONT become immune to antibiotics. usually antibiotics DO clear people while they are on them. not all antibiotics work on all people, and sometimes no antibiotics will work on someone. enter, accutane. youre entitled to your closed minded opinion, but please stop passing on wrong information as truths, proven facts, or rules of thumb.
  6. mino doesnt do any internal damage. relax. where do you guys get your information from anyway?
  7. i think dan's regimen calls for using a purpose bar, working up a olather in your hands, applying it to your face, and shaving like that, if im not mistaken (though, its been a while since i read through his regimen.) i never actually tried this but im thinking about it, since i use a purpose bar to wash my face anyway.
  8. you can take it for as long as you need it...unless, of course, it loses its effectiveness - at that point, you might wanna switch to something else. but to get back to your question, theres no "cycle length" like with accutane. just keep taking it for as long as it works.
  9. ive used it before (the gel). i saw significant clearing at first, but then i started to get dried out REAL BAD, and i have oily skin, too. any derm will tell you that its EXTREMELY drying, but they produce it for a reason, so you may not have a problem with it.