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  1. the mirror is my dorm's bathroom always makes me feel like shit
  2. im headed to college in less than two weeks. im about a month + a week into accutane so im very paranoid about breaking out right when i get there. acne aside, im increidbly glad to get the hell out of community college and go somewhere useful.
  3. there are two options here: 1) be shy with your acne so you have two negatives working against you. 2) be funny/confident etc with your acne and only have one negative working against you. id say go with number 2~
  4. im a guy but im the same way. i dont wear my favorite shirts (with giant death metal logos on them) anymore because they attract too much attention.
  5. signed. im getting my kid cetaphil/jojoba etc when he/she is like 11 years old so they can start before it hits hard.
  6. i used to care but i dont anymore. think about it. it honestly does not matter at all if the cashier sees you buying acne products. you never see them or talk to them and people buy much more embarrassing shit.
  7. DO NOT EAT: Anything I enjoy. EAT: Everything else.
  8. I want to call up this girl I met at my college orientation that lives about an hour from me but I'm in my second week of Accutane and my skin looks terrible right now.
  9. i smoked weed the day before i got my blood tested for the first time and nothing happened. they dont even test for it.