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  1. Hot damn what is the world coming too?....i guess the military has a sista sheltered. Have fun, betta you than me.
  2. Well yeah...im a picker...but im taking one day at a time
  3. yeah actually I have tried that, and my face dries up and gets so flaky. I hate it. Im thinking about trying eucerin as a moisturizer. I used to use cocoa butter and sometimes that would break me out even worse...i dunno. ](*,)
  4. Yeah...Im probably beating a dead horse, but my acne is terrible! Im african american and I sware I have tried everything on gods green earth and nothing, and i repeat nothing works! I break out so easy, if I even look at something greasy I break out. Also it doesnt help that I work in the kitchen around ovens and grease and oils...I wash my face constantly, and yes, sometimes I do pick and I know that is a BIG NO NO but I do. Anyhoo to make a long story short..anyone has any suggestions?? (