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  1. what kind of stretch marks? you can get stretch marks from working out, etccc but what kinddddd? vitamine E and coco butter works.
  2. that's retarded. drinking water with lemons in it does the same thing, flushing your system out. but damn that's bold taking shots of acv, lol. go get some lemons and your set.
  3. you might be adding to much acv, and not enuff water. Use less than 50/50 at first to see how you react.
  4. Covering up tattoos isn't hard. Like it says "2)This cover makeup cannot change the texture of your skin, but will dramatically improve the overall appearance of scars, especially from a distance" So I'm sure it'll make it look better, but chicks who know there shit, can spot it. Not at a distance, but upon a close glance.
  5. Try the acv its working wonderss right now. besides the fact i'm fucked up everynight, my skin is lookin good.
  6. accutane does not clear red marks. this is a fact.
  7. have you noticed any improvements, on your red marks? or just skin tone?
  8. 2 weeks, nearly impossible. I'm not trying to be a prick davis or anything, but its more like months. Giving up Soda, meats, junk food, should help your skin alot, but keep in mind not eating meat at all, can mess up your skin. Eat raw fish, instead of red meats, sodas are just bad, and I don't really eat "junk" food. Just sleep early, keep consistant with a good diet, and work out, your rad marks are gone
  9. Too much of anything is bad. The sun is great, but I too liv in Southern California, and its jus to excessive. You can't get to little, with out getting to much. You socal kids know what i'm talking about. I've had no difference in Cali, but when I went to Korea during the summer, my skin looked bomb. It might have been the tan, not sure, but it was looking great. Once winter rolls by my skin starts to fade out a bit, and that's when the bad happens.
  10. Excessive protein will cause acne, for me it causes it near my back, but it goes away quick. Far as creatine, go with ester, the older shit had lots of affect on acne, but once again, it goes away quick. There's a formula for your height/weight = how much grams of protien you should be taking. I use to take Cyto gainer, but realised being bulky would slow me down in kick boxing, and muay thai. Try green buldge for creatine, and white blood for nox. If you need any info feel free to hit me up, 7
  11. yes sleep does help read marks, end of story. you repair when you sleep. Chuck Liddell is over rated. My friend Moe, and Eli train with him time to time, he's a nice guy, real cocky tho. But the worst is Ortiz. Crocop is in UFC now, that's where all the marketing is headed. Crocop is going to rip Tim Sylvia a new one, and get that belt real soon. Fedor and Jeff Monson are going to have there fight sometime next month, in Russia.
  12. some of my scars are about 4-6 years old, it's been helping them. I currently am not usign this product, dunno why it's jus sitting in my bathroom.
  13. AcneFree Scar Fade & Erase is there most reccent product, so i'm guessing it'll work better, but I havn't tried the other one so I can't say my self. I use the fade and erase my self, it seems to work good, and for others does nothing at all. Everything has a different affect on people.
  14. not getting tickets to UFC 67... who's ready to see Cro cop dominate this season?!! WOOO and yeah, picking at some acne I had, shitty derms having no idea what they're doing, wasting money.