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  1. Day 61 Things looking up...very little actives, mostly just red marks....yay
  2. Day 50- Grrrr, still getting actives! Mostly cysts! I got a new haircut that shows my forehead, which i like, but my forehead is gross....
  3. DaY 41......................Things looking up, for now...dont wanna jinx myself but my face feels better, looks somewhat better, and im happy. Alot of my skin is smooth now, hardly any whiteheads anymore, just a few cyst remaining around my jawline. I seem to only be getting cyst now, no more whiteheads....
  4. Congrats, I am so happy for you. Hopefully we will all have the results you had....
  5. I feel this really large cyst about to appear under my skin, is there anyway to attack this thing and prevent it from appearing or at least lessen the size a bit?
  6. 1 MONTH (32 days) Well, acne wise, things arent any worse, not much better really either. Experiencing some mild depression i believe, I also usually feel tired and my face feels dry and uncomfortable. Im just looking forward to the future....
  7. Day 24 As I sit here, day by day, complaining and obsessing about how my acne isnt getting better, how its taking too long, I realize that im being, well, rediculous. I cant remember having completely clear skin. I doubt anyone of my friends/classmates can remember me having clear skin, and im only 17. To know that in just a few months, I should be CLEAR, is very uplifting. Yes, it is worse now that it ever has been, but im still getting by. I stick out these few months and im possibly in for t
  8. DAY 22......Dryness subsided a little, just as red though. Lips cracking more. Acne seems to be breaking out again today, dunno why, but i have quite a few new whiteheads, and i hadnt been getting many of those. I seem to be going through a small breakout, and im not very happy about it. Throughout the treatment, does the redness go away or reduce at any time?
  9. My doctor gave me aquaphor today, for my itchy, red, dry skin and lips. Hope it helps
  10. DAY 16 Sitting here, with a face that contantly feels bad, and by bad i mean, dry, itchy, and even painful, not to mention the other side effects, i have to wonder why its neccesary for things to get worse before they get better. Also, with all of the technology we have, you would think we could come up with an actual cure for acne, and one that doesnt take almost 6 months to do so. Where is the acne foundation? I've had acne since about 8th grade i'd say...occasional zit or two back then real
  11. Day 15 Symptoms are still pretty much the same, with a little added muscle pain now. Generally, my face still feels bad most of the time, and the oil still isnt completely gone. Still breaking out. Some go away, some new ones form, some go away, some new ones form. I really looking forward to the day when the breakouts stop or reduce to one or two new pimples every now and then. When did that start to happen for most people? Keep in mind im on 80mg per day.
  12. Not sure on how long my treatment is gonna last as of now...my derm mentioned that it can take 4-5 months to do its job...so hes prob thinking among those lines.
  13. Yeah, I started getting cyst abiut 3-4 months efore accutane, and im still getting new ones as of now. ABeachGirl, how is your treatment going? Do you have a log?
  14. My derm must have thought my acne was severe enough for the dose, either that or the fact that ive been on every other form of treatment, which only "helped" temporarily if any. On the third moth, how has your acne improved since you started?
  15. DAY 13 So my mom says my face is already looking better. I find I have to keep lotion on constantly while im at home..just so i can keep my skin from being too unbearably dry. Not sure if the oil is gone, but it is definately lessened dramatically. Still looking for a way to bring down the redness. The way my mom described my acne as being better was " Before, there were like bumps on top of bumps, but now they're less and smaller. " I'll take that. No other adverse affects other than DRYNESS,