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  1. Just curious... I'm about to go on Accutane but I'm terrified of the initial breakout. Does everyone get it? How bad is it really? Please help me out... I sure would appreciate it!
  2. I'm planning to eat healthy.... stop eating fast food and start having good nutrition... A lot of my friends who eat lots of fruits and vegies have good clear skin. :-k Im not fond of fruits and vegetables really, but if it will clear my skin then so be it!!! / But are all fruits necessarily good??? What are good and what are bad based on your experiences??? Please help me out... 8-[ Don't want to start eating the wrong things!! Just a thought.... :-k A friend told me maybe banan
  3. Hello there!!! I'm new to this board...anyway, has anyone tried using Sulfur Soap???? How effective is it????? :-k