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  1. So I'm 16 years old and I've had mild (and sometimes quite bad) acne for about 3 years now! I have tried everything possible excluding prescribed creams and antibiotics because I do not like to fill my body with unnatural substances etc and my mum does agree with it. Today, after seeing many positive reviews I am trying HRI Clear a Complexion in the hope I will get a cure! I'm starting tomorrow and taking three a day! Has anyone else had some long term positive effects from this? And any
  2. I used a snail slime facemask with other completely natural ingredients and I only got it as a sample from an organic store I love. When I used it my skin would get very hot and as I washed it off I. It iced my face had gone red and I freaked out about it. Then I went to sleep with a red face, I woke up and my skin was so soft, and it had reduced the severity of my acne! I was astonished with the results! It worked well for me, I wouldn't recommend using it too often as my skin did react weir