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  1. Does Retin-A actually make your skin oiler? Because I used this product for about a month, then all of a sudden my skin got extremely oily, in just one day. I'm on Accutane now, because my skin got very oily and I broke out like crazy. Does anyone know if my skin will be back to normal? and if it was just the Retin-A that made me oily?
  2. I was just wondering, if I just eat a bowl of cereal (shreddies) would there be enough fat for my accutane pills or do I need more?
  3. I use the Vichy Shaving foam, its awsome. However I do have the aftershave but I have not used it because im scared it contains to many minerals. If anyone else has information I'm curious to see what the results are.
  4. Shaving is now a pain because of dry skin. Dry skin Chapped Lips I play hockey so I have equipment rubbing on my body constantly so thanks to that have I have very irritated skin. Hands, shoulders ect.
  5. It's an english project. Thanks Anymore?
  6. Im doing a school project and I picked Acne as my topic. I really need a good book, or books that have alot of in depth information on Acne. Like types, causes, affects, all that kind of stuff. I was thinking this is one of the best places on the net to ask. Any help is appreciated, thanks guys!
  7. And then you divide your final number by your weight right? to get MG/K so you can figure out the 150mg/kg range?
  8. How do you figure out your Cumulative Dosage?
  9. I have the Nutrogena Combination skin moisturizer. I've used it before Accutane and noticed it has this tingling affect once you put it on. Is there some sort of chemical in it that cleans your face which will damage or hurt my skin since I've been taking accutane? By the way, I use the Cetaphil moisturizer at night because its very heavy and you can tell im wearing it where as the Neutrogena one can go unnoticed, thats why I'm asking. Thanks once again guys!
  10. Depression is a proven symptom. I don’t understand why people who've taken Accutane and never experienced depression during their course seem to convince themselves that people who do experience it are just cry babies that wine all the time. I'm not experiencing a dry face, do you see me going around and posting "cry babies only experience dry face", yeah right, I didn't think so. Just because Depression has such a low chance of occurring during the course doesn’t result in it being elimina
  11. I guess i'll pull out the good old Cetaphil Moisturizer. Hopefully I can get away with just nightly use as it is very heavy.
  12. So its alright to use a moisturizer while on Accutane? It won't prevent it from working or hinder the effect?
  13. Thanks guys. I think I'll just switch to Shreddies with the two pieces of toast (peanut butter and jam)