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  1. LOL sounds like you're one of the people in the infomercial for "save-a-blade" Seriously though, its worth looking into.
  2. Took me 12 weeks to get clear, and still not 100 percent, 1 pimple at a time, maybe once a week, vs 3 new ones every day before I started RAM. As far as the dryness goes, aveno skin relief lotion helps right out of the shower and then something with spf after that. A day off works wonders for dryness. Hang in there. RetinAMicro.com has suggestions for cleansers and moisturizers that neutrogena makes, that way you're using 3 linear products working together. Stopping smoking helps, it did for m
  3. Edge active care for sensitive skin helps me a lot as a shaving cream and the sensor excel for a razor work best. Just wipe your face gently with a clean towel once you're done shaving, dont rinse and dont use an aftershave. Edge has all kinds of vitamins and I find this is most helpful because it leaves them on your face once you're done shaving. This is what has worked best for me because I use Retin-A and so my skin is ultra sensitive and this routine doesnt irritate my skin one bit.
  4. Dude... The weed probably doesnt matter but the alcohol and especially the ecstacy are going to destroy your liver when coupled with tane. I dont know about the blood tests but I wouldnt worry about your doctor knowing you get messed up so much as i'd be worried about the current state of your liver. I think the people who say its okay to drink alcohol on tane are talking about 1-3 drinks, not getting wasted while rolling and smoking tons of herb. Be careful man.
  5. I just wanted to let everyone know who is thinking of trying RAM to DO IT! I had mostly non-cystic acne everywhere around my chin and nose for 5 years and had tried everything. Finally I told my derm i wanted to try RAM as I had just heard of it (About 4 months ago) and she gave me a perscription. The first 7 weeks I saw no results, not really an inital breakout but I had a consistant and slightly worse breakout during this time. Because a friend of mine told me about it and it had worked so gre
  6. You cant use BP and RAM at the same time, they negate eachother. Even using RAM at night and BP in the morning isnt good because the RAM causes your skin to thin and BP simply further damages your already sensitive skin.