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  1. katy22

    Diane 35 log

    I think it took around 2-3 months to see progress. By 6 months it was halfway clear (the clearest it’s ever been at that point)
  2. katy22

    Diane 35 log

    My skin has been fine lately, but I do still get breakouts, they just go away pretty fast. I'm about to be on my period week (i forgot which pack I'm on but it's been almost 9 months). I also still have bumps underneath the skin and they're colorless but maybe I just need to exfoliate. I'm just scared to because I don't know of any exfoliators that don't break you out.
  3. katy22

    Diane 35 log

    Omg it sucks because I always thought i'd be completely pimple free by this time. But i guess it's normal to breakout once in a while. I honestly forgot what pack I'm on but I've been breaking out lately. I'm not gonna lie I've had pretty good skin until now. Like, almost completely clear. I recently switched to cyestra35 which is the other generic version so that might be bad for my skin but i really doubt it. I think I'm just paranoid. I recently started taking Lysine supplements and as soon
  4. katy22

    Diane 35 log

    Just started my period today. Whenever I'm on my period I seem to breakout in the exact same spots. My cheeks, forehead and nose. Anyway I'm hoping that's what's causing this because looking back on photos I can honestly say the breakouts happen in the same spot. (I got sunburnt and tan on the sides of my face so that's why it's a little darker than my cheeks)
  5. katy22

    Diane 35 log

    Thank you!! It was fine until now because my period is starting smh. But the Bahamas is amazing !So I'm breaking out on my cheeks and my forehead but hopefully it's because my period is going to be here in 3 days. Or it may be because of the sunscreen I've been using on vacation. Either way I'm not too bothered by the breakout because I'm too busy at the beach lmao.
  6. katy22

    Diane 35 log

    My skin currently looks really oily because I'm stopping benzoyl peroxide and trying a tea tree oil treatment by Burt's Bees which isn't as drying... But I'm into the second week of this pack and I actually teared up looking at my very first photo that I posted on here. I'm just constantly paranoid that I'll breakout again really badly. But I'm about 90% sure that I will breakout soon because I'm going to the Bahamas and I'm gonna have to wear heavy duty sunscreen which always gives me more acn
  7. katy22

    Diane 35 log

    Thank you so much, I love your comments!! I am using benzaclin which helped a lot, and I'm not 100% sure but I think my foundation breaks me out.. It didn't used to before so idk why it's happening now. It's been making me go places bare faced though so I guess that's good. I'm almost a week into my new pack, I think it's the 8th one. My forehead cleared up from all those whiteheads and my cheeks seem better but when I face a certain direction and the light hits my face, there are little bumps o
  8. katy22

    Diane 35 log

    Ok so. Tomorrow I start my new pack. I've been having a lot of weird whiteheads on my cheeks and forehead. I broke out on my nose because I always do on my period, but the whiteheads are kinda strange. They're really hard to get rid of too. I'm hoping they'll go away once I start the new pack.
  9. Stopped eating dairy for half a year, put honey and cinnamon on my face, crushed aspirin and put it on my face, tea tree oil, hydrogen peroxide, nutmeg, put banana peels on my face....
  10. Yeah I totally agree! I really wanted to be clear by school time but I doubt it will happen. I'm glad you're seeing your doctor though! Have you tried any scar treatments?
  11. katy22

    Diane 35 log

    Okay, so I'm officially on 6 months and it's almost my period week. My cheeks are clearing up a little but not much. The whiteheads I had on my forehead are getting smaller, but they were absolutely huge and I had about 15 of them close together.
  12. Yeah I really don't wanna give up just in case it will start working soon. My cheeks are clearing up a little so that's good. Yeah I still get really bad cramps but it's fine, it's just that my period is so heavy and it's annoying. yeah I get that. Im on antibiotics for my acne and I was starting to get clear near the end of last week then BAM, I get 5 new pimples on my forehead over the weekend. Now I am starting to look better but Im just afraid of another breakout. Im seeing my derm next
  13. katy22

    Diane 35 log

    I still have 2 packs left that I already paid 60 dollars for so I think I will use those and if it still doesn't work I will see my doctor. I'm really hoping it's hormonal. It's very persistent and I started getting acne right when I got my first period at 14. What else could it be? No other treatments have worked I've been on antibiotics and countless of gels and creams.
  14. Hey! I know, it's so frustrating. This whole month has been horrible, although some of my pimples are fading now but I have a feeling they're going to come back. Maybe it will work at around 6-8 months for us. Is your birth control helping your period or cramps? Mine isn't... Also, I am not gonna try anything new yet and try sticking with it for one more month or so. Maybe it will kick in.. Are You?
  15. katy22

    Diane 35 log

    So. I'm almost at 6 months (I think the day after tomorrow.) I'm almost on my period week. I'm breaking out like crazy, everywhere. On my forehead as well as my cheeks. Whiteheads everywhere. I'm hoping once my period starts it will clear but ugh, idk... Not to mention that this pill has not helped with my heavy period or cramps AT ALL. Maybe my body takes a while to adjust... i just don't know what to do anymore and if I should stay with this pill for a few more weeks or not. I had really go