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  1. Why are you guys binge eating all that crap? Please try and stop, its not only bad for your skin, its bad for you health. It's also an addiction... "junk foods stimulate the reward system in the brain in the same way as drugs of abuse like cocaine. For susceptible people, eating junk foods can lead to full-blown addiction, which shares the same biological basis as addiction to drugs of abuse" Try your best to just eliminate them even if you crave and suffer withdrawal symptoms. By eat
  2. I want to try and make my own topical from CBD oil as an experiment to see if it has any anti inflammatory effects when used as a topical. However the oil is usually placed in a carrier oil, and I'm aware that the product is mainly used for ingestion, not topical. But I want to try anyway, so my choices of carrier oil are as follows - MCT (like from coconut oil) - olive oil - grape seed oil Does anyone know offhand which of these is the least comedogenic? (based on this list h
  3. I recurring adult acne, and have tried it all, even recently ivermectin cream which helped a bit. But nothing completely helps, I always get breakouts. This person I know has a skin allergy and gets psoriasis type reaction on hands and when they apply the CBD oil on it gets better, reduces inflammation dramatically I was wondering if it's worth to try this on my face?
  4. Have you considered white tea? It is supposed to have even less caffeine than green tea but the same amount of antioxidants. Also pay close attention to the type of tea you are getting and how you brew it. If using green tea get a high quality loose leaf Sencha, and brew correctly.
  5. I'm noticing that quite a few moisturizers (including the one advertised by acne.org - the one with licochalcone) that are targeted at acne or rosacea contain squalene as an ingredient. Why would they put this ingredient in their product when it has been shown that oxidized form of squalene (squalene peroxide) actually provokes acne formation? I'm hesitant to even use such products because of this. I mean how do we know the squalene is or will not oxidize on contact with the skin?
  6. I think some people who have had negative experience are using the wrong oils, and not performing the procedure correctly. I mean you can't just do it one day, then use soaps and creams the next, or just rub some oil on your face once and a while and hope for the best. And I can't believe people are trying coconut oil, I wouldn't use that at all, it is almost like putting butter on your face. Also people are using way too much extra virgin olive oil in their mix. I tried 50/50 with castor oil
  7. I used to drink so much milk as a kid and teenager. I guess everyone has been brought up believing that it is normal to do and good for you. But after I learned milk provoked inflammatory response I eliminated milk completely for over 10 years, however it has not really reduced the severity of my acne. Although I still eat cheese from time to time in small quantities. I don't think I would want to ever give up high quality cheeses. Who knows if the cheese I eat has the same if any effect. I
  8. I hate it too. I know how you feel. Everyone one at my work has perfect skin, I feel so out of place. Even the people from other companies that work in the same building have clear skin. My parents keep telling me there are so many with acne, but I never see them in my day to day activities. At work, shopping. I haven't encountered anyone with acne like I have. Yet it's true they exist. Maybe they are hiding or something. It's weird.
  9. I agree, it is really hard today , if all us younger people didn't have our parents support we would be in even worse situation. We are currently being abused by the top 1% wealthiest organized criminals (banks, corporations, etc.) and I can't believe everyone is too blind to see it. It's organized crime on a global scale that is going on today, That being said I don't think you should just give up. I don't think there will ever be a time on this planet when things will be perfect for eve
  10. I had acne at your age, it started when I was 15, my skin before that was so clear, but mine was different, I used to get cysts around my nose mostly, but it was still damaging at the time and caused scarring. Later on it spread to other areas of my face. I tried so many topical things until finally in my first few years of university a doctor recommended Minocycline. I think I was 21 at the time. I tried it and it cleared my face up perfectly for the first time. It was amazing. I took it f
  11. I'm a man and had acne all my life (since teenage). It has come and gone. But one thing remained constant. It really reduced my self confidence and made me very self conscious. I could have had more than a few girlfriends in all this time - I remember each instance and could tell that some girls actually liked me and I kind of knew they were hinting around at it. But on each occasion my shyness took over or I figured I wasn't good enough or had acne at the time, or was afraid of getting a b
  12. Your not ugly, and you shouldn't compare yourself to others. There is someone out there for everyone. I personally know women who are married that have acne or other skin conditions like psoriasis. Worrying, being unhappy and insecurity will make it worse and make you less attractive. Be confident, happy and guys will like you more for that and see right past a few pimples.
  13. Since much of what we put on our skin gets absorbed into our bloodstream, I was wondering if anyone knows if topical salicylic acid can cause irritation of the stomach lining? Or if anyone has experienced such a reaction? I ask this because we know salicylates like Aspirin cause this effect when ingested. I do not know if the effect is due to the direct interaction with chemical and the stomach or a secondary effect due to their action on some inflammatory pathway (similarly like with othe
  14. I've read that how we are born can have a big impact on the health of our digestive system. I'm wondering if the same holds true for the microbiome that surrounds our skin. Do people who were born C-section have higher incidence of acne? For example here is an article that discusses this issue Children born by Caesarean section start life with insufficient intestinal bacteria flora. These bacteria are known to play a part in protecting children from developing allergies and children who lack
  15. I have occasional breakout still in my mid thirties, Mostly cyclic acne, but it not as bad as when I was younger. So I thought I'd give the dermatologist one more try. I haven't been there for several years. And I wanted to see if any new treatments had become available or they had any alternative suggestions. I also wanted to discuss about this whole sebum oxidation and if they knew of anything that might help prevent it. The result - "blah blah blah Accutane …blah blah Accutane…Accutane…
  16. Probably because it's something really difficult to say conclusively that this or that diet is the cause and eating this or that will cure you. There probably is no specific diet that will work for everyone in the exact same way due to genetic differences in people. Peoples genes will respond differently to different environmental stimuli including food and nutritional stimulus.
  17. I had three treatments of ALA Blue U therapy about 10 years ago. I was concerned about long term side effects. I'm curious if anyone here who has had this procedure done to their face, have any health problems develop. I'm talking about issues that might seems vague, general feeling unwell, or other symptoms that doctor can't attribute to anything specific. I'm asking because around the time my treatments ended within a year I began a journey of issues that cannot be pinpointed to anythin
  18. Has anyone here used any of the sulforaphane ointments? I saw one at the health food store recently and they gave me a small sample of ointment. I was wondering if anyone had any success using it topically?
  19. Hello, I want to experiment with some essential oils and other ingredients like antioxidants such as vitamin E but I can't apply many of these things directly to my face. So I need to mix them up into a cream. Does anyone have any experience with this? Do you know what base to use as the starting point for the cream? Something that is probably water based and non comedogenic. I know you can order online just about anything to create your own natural creams but I don't know what I shoul
  20. I tried green tea before I and found it to be moderately helpful. I tried both the regular leaf green tea as well as the matcha green tea. I did not find any difference between the two. I was drinking the green tea (among other steps I was taking), my face cleared up completely at one point, but I can't be 100% sure it was due to green tea alone. Later I stopped taking green tea because of the caffeine, and switched to white tea. I was reading that white tea has even more antioxidants th
  21. Yes I have tried many different diets. In the past I found low calorie and low carb diet work best, but sadly they are hard to maintain and also especially when you want to maintain a healthy body weight and size. I am male so being too skinny isn't exactly desirable for me since I want to build bit of bulk (muscle) However I have taken steps to eliminate the obvious bad foods like milk, white bread and too many sugars. And I try to eat many vegetables and antioxidant rich fruits at home whe
  22. I recently visited a Caribbean island for vacation (1 week) and I thought the salt water of the ocean and sun and clean air would help clear my skin. It has done in the past. But this time my skin mostly around the front cheeks and nose area erupted gradually in small pustules. Halfway through the trip, there were white pustules all over these areas. I felt so embarrassed, because it looks ugly walking around and talking to people with puss all over your face. Even after cleaning away the