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  1. I don't even know , coz I peeled the scab already and it's still here...And I was squeezing so hard and made my nose got a little bump that's why I asked , thank you for your reply tho, I appreciate that
  2. I had a blind pimple couple days ago , after I popped it , there's a scar looking like a keloid
  3. Okay , thanks but if I don't touch it anymore it will get smoothly but itself right?
  4. 2 days ago I tried to pop it and got a little came out , but now it look like a keloid
  5. if I touch it , it does But that is not smooth, it's like a keloid but it's getting brown I've tried to pop it but failed Here's a clear picture
  6. It looks like a pimple but doesn't have head