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  1. Okay , thanks but if I don't touch it anymore it will get smoothly but itself right?
  2. 2 days ago I tried to pop it and got a little came out , but now it look like a keloid
  3. if I touch it , it does But that is not smooth, it's like a keloid but it's getting brown I've tried to pop it but failed Here's a clear picture
  4. It looks like a pimple but doesn't have head
  5. Nah, asked you if you wear makeup because it causes acne, but I asked your age because you always be on this website I don't know man, my nose just has hella scabs and wounds
  6. so u don't put makeup or anything? How old are you ? LOL Btw why you're always online haha
  7. wow , that's not good for girls tho LOL jk , I didn't have that much pimples last year .... But this year I'm keep getting them smh I did , but I heard about they cost a lot so I didn't go there
  8. I know some friends are from Australia , their skin was good but after they moved here , they getting a lot of pimples LOL