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  1. I realized I don't really want it. The afflicted don't want to be comforted.
  2. I always wonder this as well. It's like a secret society, except they're not secret and out in the open, rubbing it in our faces.
  3. I wouldn't want to pass on the acne gene to my offspring, but I don't really have to worry about that life decision. To my future son or daughter that was never conceived because I never had sex with a woman: You're welcome.
  4. Going to school with acne was the worst. I think back of those times like a war veteran with ptsd would think about being in war.
  5. It's too bad man. You could of had it all: fame, wimminz, money, and now you're reduced to posting with the unwashed masses of loserdom.
  6. There has been too many numerous things that were said that I cant narrow it down to one particular thing. Maybe when my mother said in a roundabout way that I was ugly. She would sometimes give me patronizing comments in the past that I knew was a lie. In this particular instance, I really felt that she had sobering look of truth on her face when she said that I was ugly.
  7. When people look at you and say EWWWWWW, and you're like yea whatever.
  8. LOL at this thread still being posted on after one year. I was really bitter and in a hateful place when I joined a year ago. I don't want to be that person anymore. I'm done with that fam.
  9. I sense lots of hate, instead seek peace. Believe me, its a struggle. Some days are better than others. If I appear hateful it's because numerous hateful things have been said and done to me, and I basically turned the other cheek and took it. I do have a lot of anger built up, and this forum has been a outlet of expression that I've kept bottled up my whole life.
  10. There's times where I wish I wasn't born. What cruelty to bring someone into this world to experience looking like a freak for most of your life!
  11. Yes. I will compulsively take pictures of my face from all angles. I make sure to be under lighting so they look their absolute best. I feel that scarring is actually worse than acne itself. At least with acne you had an endgame cure insight. With the scarring it's not so certain. I feel like mine is so bad that treatments wont make a difference.
  12. So you're dating disabled vets because why, do you see them as lower on the dating scale? I think that's kind of crappy. Maybe you should date someone with down syndrome so they wont reject you, smh.
  13. I will be 36 in less than two months, and I will still be dateless, sexless scar-ridden beast of the apocalypse. I would like to thank my parents for giving me my subhuman genetics, and also for having a lack of empathy for my suffering that I've endured. You're the best fam.
  14. Well, you don't get an award for surviving a lifetime with acne. Maybe pretend you're an attractive person with clear skin and friends, and a sex life. That's what I do all the time. Maladaptive daydreaming my friend.
  15. Acne robbed me of enjoying the prime years of my life, and now that I'm 30+, the scarring I have will ensure that I feel just as insecure and undesirable for the rest of my years just as I did in my youth. Acne is truly the affliction from hell.
  16. People have said insulting things to me many times over the years. I just ignored them and acted like I didn't hear them. Maybe I should of said something back, but not acknowledging someone's existence is good enough imo.
  17. I think the negative stigma surrounding acne is due to the fact that the acne sufferer is perceived to be at fault for their acne. People think that your dirty and don't wash yourself, you're on drugs like meth, you don't eat right, etc.