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  1. I realized I don't really want it. The afflicted don't want to be comforted.
  2. I always wonder this as well. It's like a secret society, except they're not secret and out in the open, rubbing it in our faces.
  3. I wouldn't want to pass on the acne gene to my offspring, but I don't really have to worry about that life decision. To my future son or daughter that was never conceived because I never had sex with a woman: You're welcome.
  4. Going to school with acne was the worst. I think back of those times like a war veteran with ptsd would think about being in war.
  5. It's too bad man. You could of had it all: fame, wimminz, money, and now you're reduced to posting with the unwashed masses of loserdom.
  6. There has been too many numerous things that were said that I cant narrow it down to one particular thing. Maybe when my mother said in a roundabout way that I was ugly. She would sometimes give me patronizing comments in the past that I knew was a lie. In this particular instance, I really felt that she had sobering look of truth on her face when she said that I was ugly.
  7. When people look at you and say EWWWWWW, and you're like yea whatever.
  8. LOL at this thread still being posted on after one year. I was really bitter and in a hateful place when I joined a year ago. I don't want to be that person anymore. I'm done with that fam.
  9. I sense lots of hate, instead seek peace. Believe me, its a struggle. Some days are better than others. If I appear hateful it's because numerous hateful things have been said and done to me, and I basically turned the other cheek and took it. I do have a lot of anger built up, and this forum has been a outlet of expression that I've kept bottled up my whole life.
  10. There's times where I wish I wasn't born. What cruelty to bring someone into this world to experience looking like a freak for most of your life!
  11. Yes. I will compulsively take pictures of my face from all angles. I make sure to be under lighting so they look their absolute best. I feel that scarring is actually worse than acne itself. At least with acne you had an endgame cure insight. With the scarring it's not so certain. I feel like mine is so bad that treatments wont make a difference.