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  1. Interesting @ saline for fat loss. I found this: Localized fat loss (no on face) treated with saline injection study: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4809393/ Cool read. Do you have a before shot of your scarring? Like in harsh lighting? Good luck!
  2. Huge discrepancy in lighting (way softer) and it's also edited (cmon) but still imagine and believe that he did get 20%+. 80%+ like the 2nd photo? No way. Only way to prove would be video under harsh lighting like the first one. Not saying he can't reach 80% but to deceive to the public with a false photo in order to draw customer is low.
  3. You can mix retionoids with moisturizer like CETAPHIL and then apply evenly. The efficacy isn't reduced but the irritation is. There's studies on this and even Dr David Lim has suggested this before.
  4. In my opinion and with all due respect, I think your assessment is ridiculous. There is obvious improvement - I'd say 30%-75% on scarring. Also, 5-10% per treatment is common and it means the world to many people no matter what that cost. @OP You have great facial growth and a good profile. Your face may be a bit, and I mean a bit riddled but you look great - if anything a little rough around the edges which is not unattractive at all. Good luck with future treatments! For a one year post,
  5. @beautifulambition I have some scarring on my neck, right beneath my jawline. It's only on the right side and maybe 3-5 rolling scars. Do you think subcision in that area maybe 1x2 is possible? I go in tomorrow.
  6. Nokor or Canula? I'm getting subcision + sculptra this thursday.
  7. @beautifulambition Getting Subcision and Sculptra done next week. He didn't have lots of bruising. Is this because Dr. Rullan used a cannula?
  8. Needling to be done at home. (At his office, he does it after the cross) Regarding the Sculptra, should that be done at the same time or weeks after the subcision? What's the general consensus, here? Once I begin, I will provide photos and document! @beautifulambition
  9. Beautiful eyes and nice cheeks. Good with makeup, definitely still a very attractive lady. Her intelligence boosts her attractiveness by a lot too.
  10. Until you feel comfortable looking at yourself in the mirror without feeling disgust or anxiety
  11. Manual scar reconstruction/revision blows away anything a laser can do. Plus, the above user is right - the images have been photo shopped.
  12. Awesome. I have many questions regarding this. Why did Dr. Rullan feel the need to incorporate the PRP? Carboxylic acid instead of TCA? Subcision...why didn't you swell up so much? Is it because he used a canula** versus a nokor needle? I heard he switched to the Canula rather than the nokor. How much are you paying for the 3 treatments?